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And you've done your research on something like this to those areas you mentioned conservation and things like that to to give the game grounded in realism to yes so We we actually took a trip. we being myself xavier nelson junior the narrative director on the game Anthony jones the art director and a few other folks We were actually invited to go to nepal and kind of sit in with rangers and concentration. Is doing this work so we definitely got some first hand experience and learn a lot of unintuitive ideas that people might not think right away there. I thought might be rangers running around with with guns looking for people in the bush. But it's much more complex than that you know. One of the biggest incites. We learned that we touch on early in the game. How important is to work with the communities that are in around conservation areas so it becomes a a tricky balance Where perhaps some of those people are the ones doing the poaching yes. They're just a lot of inspiration to take from that and we. We didn't want it to just be on this sort of one to one representation of real life. We wanted people to be able to engage with it. And that's why we went with a sifi route to build our own world allow us to heighten some of the scenarios and Take some of the some of the personalization to kind of get the core messages across and so far You know the early signs say that. We've we've done all right with that. We are the caretakers will have early access available on twenty second and that is right day. Manifest is back for season three. Some of you may have heard. Some comments interviews. Did recently on bite parveen car. Who is savvy and creator and show runner. Jeff rake joined in a roundtable to discuss this new sees. Here's jeffrey the show. Has its own thing..

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