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To gauge if he was serious is the only guy that they finds anything good in the shutdown mr trump's comments come as bipartisan groups work to peer border security with legal protections for young immigrants optimistic the senate republican leader has promised to hold a vote next week there are so many different proposals in the works right now on immigration can you give us a sense how you're going to decide which one to put up for a vote first absurd to those who are working on proposals to get them drafted and beyond that can't be specific because it's no secret plan here to uh to try to push this and at a direction the president's chief of staff john kelly also startled lawmakers today using harsh language to describe immigrants who were eligible for the expiring daca program but never applied the difference between six ninety one people to afraid to sign up others would samer too lazy to get off their ashes but they decided up kelly also said he doubts that the president will be willing to extend the daca program past march fifth putting even more pressure on congress jeff to pass a replacement soon nancy cortas thank you the president registered his outreach today after immigrant living in the us legally was arrested in a crash that killed indianapolis colts linebacker edwin jackson mr trump tweeted this is just one of many such preventable tragedies we must get the dam's to get tough on the border and with illegal immigration fast dean reynolds is following this case the man brought into court today in indianapolis has a history of arrests including driving under the influence and driving without a license manuel already goes sevala has also been deported twice and yet manage somehow to get back into the us and now the guatemalan citizen is believed responsible for the sunday crash on an interstate which killed indianapolis colts linebacker edwin jackson and is over driver jeffrey monroe jackson and the.

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