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To the time you park at home is the perfect thing so you got it i mean we are trying to touch every aspect and think about it to really make it enjoyable for the customer the building the new building a couple of weeks ago what has happened since that visit as i think we're about ninety percent at that time are we getting closer and closer to full completion yeah i think as you as you as i told my wife this morning you know we're we're we're in some places looking at knobs and door handles which tells you you know how far we've gone i mean we're looking at punch listing things i think we've got another forty weeks of like kind of finishing some big areas and then in some parts of this arena like we're starting to close off and and are finished now now there are finished areas you always have to remember you got a seven hundred and fifty thousand square foot house so it's extremely large and and there's constant movie but we couldn't be happier with where we are most president peter fagin taking a few minutes with us so now the team has the boss are you going to be going out to boston with the team kind of this is the a series where the road team has not won a game on the opponents floor game seven yeah fortunately i've been a jinx when i travel i've made a conscious decision to take take a delta flight tomorrow morning and not travel with the team just to avoid just avoid the jinx to get it but i will be there i think all told we probably have a group of people i know about one hundred and fifty people from the milwaukee area headed headed up to boston which is kinda tells you about the excitement and it's game seven yeah you got you have to love that one of the things that is so exciting i watched the game on television at home to watch janas perform at that level are everybody knows he's great the sixty minutes piece kinda showed he was also great person but the incredible athleticism and the drive of that player on the milwaukee bucks has to be something that's just unbelievable i'm english and he superstar showed up right i mean.

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