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The AP digital news network steady group says its profits rose by nine percent on an adjusted basis from year earlier mhealth by a lower tax rate and a reduction in expenses city says it earned four point three one billion in the last three months of twenty eighteen or a profit of one dollar and sixty four cents per share that compares to the fourth quarter of two thousand seventeen win city reported in eighteen point eight nine billion dollar net loss, which was Knowsley in accounting adjustment caused by the impact of the then new tax law. According to a survey of analysts by facts that the results beat analysts estimates. We're looking for a city to earn one dollar and fifty five cents per share. The government shutdown has stopped. A pelican from flying south for the winter a baby Brown pelican that landed near dachshund Rhode Island will likely remain stranded in Chile New England the bird may have been steered north by recent high winds he'd become a local sensation and dockworkers even gave him a nickname Burt. But as temperatures dropped bird the bird was taken from the area by the department of environmental management to a wildlife sanctuary. Now, he might be stuck the executive director of wildlife rehabilitators association of Rhode Island said they can't get the needed federal permits to move him across state lines to a more southern location. President Trump is taking aim at investigators over revelations of potential new ties between him and Russia AP Washington. Correspondent saga megani reports. He's also clearing up an earlier answer. He refused to directly address it over the weekend. After a New York Times report that law. Enforcement officials started investigating in twenty seventeen whether the president was working on Russia's behalf against US interests this morning. He said he was not I think it's a disgrace that you even ask that question. And he went off on the former FBI and Justice department officials involved in the investigation scoundrels the president's also calling special counsel. Bob Muller's Russia pro behold, big fat hoax is nominee for attorney. General though is expected to tell a Senate panel tomorrow, it's vitally important Muller be allowed to finish his work and that the results be made public saga megani? At the White House. Trump the wall and the partial government shutdown. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP news saying he will never ever back down. President jump rejects a short term legislative fix for the partial government shutdown reporters asked Trump at the White House before he left for speech in New Orleans that he didn't like a South Carolina Republican Lindsey grams pitch to reopen the government for a few weeks and resumed talks with the Democrats over the border wall rejected. Yes,.

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