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Information winning dot org he won a one point five instant weather pockets a steady rain continue to move through New Jersey this afternoon into this evening we're still on the warm side in the fifties but temperatures are starting to slip a bit and we'll really see thermometers nose dive tonight so eventually rain will flip to sleet and snow but for most of the state that is not going to happen until early tomorrow morning overnight low temperatures in the lower to mid thirties I am concerned about tomorrow morning's commute the timing is just terrible here I think snow will make for a messy conditions it's going to be slushy with some pockets a low visibility that's no wraps up by late morning tomorrow than sunny and cold through the afternoon highs tomorrow only upper thirties big difference compared to today's wet and warm weather from the Edison heating and cooling weather desk on chief meteorologist dans era Swedesboro fifty seven Raritan fifty five south Plainfield fifty five fast traffic is then whether every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one one a one point five New Jersey weather made possible by stone tech granite marble court Siles natural stone if you're looking for counter top there's only one place to go stone techno job too small or too large and you get the highest quality stone from around the globe is it stone tech marble dot com for more this holiday season New Jersey one one point five is collecting teddy bears for the New Jersey state media you can help police make kids feel better during emergencies with a brand new teddy bear to hot for your closest bear drop off location visit NJ one one five dot com slash bears thanks for sponsors all American auto group rob to cancel every next first advantage at twenty three have I so these weird pets among the ones that were saved from a house fire the tortoises I looked up what the size ranges are still all be some type of quarters or another you can have as low you can have a small is about four inches up to fifty one inches you may see Norma's so we're talking about strange pets that have did you ever have an oddball path one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five Tony in brick your New Jersey one one point five Hey guys how you doing okay on real quick you'll love this story my wife and I are looking for a house so we gave the real at all the information so she picks us up and she says look I want to pay you for.

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