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Danny Sullivan, Cave Creek, Dan Seal discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Brooks KTAR news five forty eight stop another update on your traffic here's Danny Sullivan from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center as far as freeways go I am seeing some brake tapping along I. ten eastbound between thirty Fifth Avenue and Seventh Avenue on the westbound side of I. ten there is a crash at sixty Seventh Avenue and that's all off left up against that median wall and southbound I. seventeen you've got a delay between nineteen th Avenue at about seven street and we have in the north part of the valley in cave creek there is a fire structure fire cave creek road at basin road so you've got that act not an accident but that serious structure fire there emergency crews are on the scene I will try and steer clear of that this report is brought to you by capital collision needs a body work done on your car but can't be without a ride capital collision offers free loaner cars and the detour Dan seal of approval visit capital collision dot net today Danny Sullivan KTAR news one oh five a high today with mostly sunny skies a low tonight of eighty and mostly cloudy tomorrow with a high of one await yeah we'll get back to the one tends mid week your weather is brought to you by.

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