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More difficult to detecting halt then the traffic in drugs such as opium pimm multi and and more vicious more deadly even these soul destroying drums. It's not everybody. This is Jason Wilson with a curious about cannabis podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in once again over the last two episodes. We've been exploring the topic of cannabis safety and harm reduction. We explored the toxicity of some of the major chemical constituents of cannabis how cannabis can interact with medications and contaminants that could be found in cannabis products now for the third and final part of the series. We're going to be focusing on the topics of team cannabis use before we dive into some of the ways that cannabis users can actually minimize some of the risks. That we've been talking about in these episodes so here we go the third and and final part of our series where we explore. The critical question is canvas. Safe in what are the risks of exposing children to cannabis at an early age as you might imagine. This is a very complicated question. Now offer this episode. We're going to ignore the topics of cannabis use during pregnancy while breastfeeding breastfeeding or the medical use of cannabis and children will explore this topics in other episodes. But for this episode we're going to focus on looking at the health. Risks of Atta lesson cannabis use during teenage years. This is your brain. The kids today have become come very wary of drug education of any kind her merely because kids had been exposed to tales of exaggerated harms or even outright lies about drug use for decades as part part of prohibition and abstinence based drug education programs so in one thousand nine hundred eighty six. You could go in in light of the kids. Whatever you wanted now they have google? This is Matt Matt Vogel Health and Wellness Educator. That's spent a lot of his time. Focusing on teaching high schoolers and college students about substance use and harm reduction strategies have had their cellphones in the moment. And it's interesting because a couple of years ago. I had a situation where I was presenting to a private high school to the seniors. An in early on in the session a student. He's he asked. He said Islam does does cannabis cause lung cancer. And I kinda usually when that question comes up really early it signals to me that someone has done their own research on that and they want to us get a sense of it so I was just really straightforward. You know. We don't have data right now. That shows that We we show that with chronic use. There is an increased in kind of you know lung infections. People get sick more and they have a coffin up. Things like that there's chronic chronic bronchitis that can occur but we don't have around the shows that causes lung cancer per se. I said we may in the future. especially with people are smoking concentrates. It's a lot of chronic way. We don't know exactly what that's going to entail but right now that's where we're at and and it was interesting so after the then we had the whole session. There's really good discussion discussion. Good conversation and at the end he came up in a lot of students have questions after and they'll talk to me and he said Hey. I asked you that question to see if you were full of Shit so you know it's an interesting that kind of testing the waters out to see. Can I trust this person where they at and I also would say if you critique the Nancy Reagan just say no. It doesn't mean that you're just say yes right. There's people think that that will will you're giving permission or being condoning the distance thing. Not at all you know. It's really important to think to sit. holistically think critically about this entire issue But if we go in in you know with you know You know fire and Brimstone in. That's all the only approach we're GONNA take. It's generally not very valuable able in. That said I have concerns about young people especially adolescents. Using high potency cannabis products chirp smoking dabs and other things. I mean there's issues with that. I think that are very real that we need to critique and think about especially at that age especially with new emerging research about the brain and brain development and the the different in new products cannabis more potent products. So it's it's something we we have to think about and can't get completely about. When it comes to cannabis? Kids have been told a lot of things they've been told it'll kill their brain cells that it'll lead to schizophrenia or psychosis it'll make them lazy or stupid or even caused them to move on to other drugs like cocaine or heroin. Well it should. I be pointed out there. Big differences between acute or just the occasional cannabis cannabis use and chronic regular cannabis. Use in general acute cannabis. Use is pretty safe physiologically with the biggest risks being risks six of motor coordination. which is why it's really not a good idea to try to drive after using? THC Rich Cannabis drive with the first thing. It'll be ice cold then. Also memory disruption in psychological distress like fear paranoia however most of the major did you risks that adolescents learn about canvas are associated with chronic or repeated cannabis use while chronic cannabis use can alter the way the brain functions and we definitely need to understand the consequences. That more to say that it kills brain cells is a little dishonest. Yes chronic cannabis use. Ken Definitely changed the the way. The brain works can make certain areas of the brain less active while also making other areas of the brain more active. But this is a complicated puzzle. In fact in some cases cannabis can actually encourage new brain cells to grow in a process called neurogenesis while cannabis can exacerbate or reveal underlying. You're lying mental health problems in adolescence. There's not strong evidence that it actually causes those problems. Typically someone has to have a genetic predisposition to mental health with problems and cannabis can act as a precipitating event to make those mental health issues reveal themselves and the only time that cannabis really seems to act as a gateway way drug to other drugs seems to be when users are exposed to those other drugs on the black market now. The issue of adolescent cannabis use in. IQ Is a bit it more complicated problem. Research has confirmed that there does not seem to be a link between cannabis use and low Iq but there does seem to be a link between early onset cannabis use and poor cognitive performance. If you dig through the research a common theme will emerge in the issue is that. THC In canvas can in some people interfere with the learning process by disrupting attention and memory primarily ultimately users that are affected in this way have to work harder to perform as well well as they typically would without cannabis but a lot of these possible outcomes are difficult to assess because there's a lot of different variables that affect a person's cognitive development including things like social factors Concurrent drug use like alcohol use and underlying mental health disorders. Just to name a few. In addition and everyone responds to cannabis differently. There are also a wide variety of cannabis products with different health risks associated. With each of them it has to be noted here that the context of cannabis use has a lot to do with outcomes. There are children teens and adults. Throughout the world with qualifying medical conditions that are using cannabis medically and exhibiting very few adverse events in addition cbd rich cannabis or cannabis products that don't have intoxicating effects. Don't present the same psychological health risks as THC rich canvas products doses also really important factor to consider lower. We're dosages of either. THC OR CD will present fewer risks than higher doses so if cannabis can be used responsibly. In a way that minimizes adverse events. Dance what does that type of use look like and win. Does canvas use become cannabis abuse. You know the question between use and abuse gets really really tricky because we it's really hard to standardize with alcohol right now for example we could say someone could say. Well what is adult responsible use of alcohol and you can give all these things around around risk reduction and never letting your blood alcohol content and get above point. Oh six and drink make sure you're hydrated drinking water. You'd never drive a car things like we we know this right. We have a number on and it really around essentially not letting that point of diminishing returns eight point. Oh five two point Oh six. That's where beyond that you're going beyond. The buzz is point we can really put that as a demarcation that gets tricky with cannabis right because almost impossible. What's the Turpin profile? One was harvested were the tricalm's amber color or were they cloudy. You are now more sedating because there's more. CBN in the THC started to degrade based on the person harvested it regardless. If it's a Sativa Indica What does the? THC level is his fifteen percent versus twenty five percent to take is it one hit or two hits or ten or one hit of concentrate. It's almost impossible to quantify that all these factors that are playing into it so I love this question. I'll ask young people particularly especially if I've I. I used to teach a class for conduct got caught smoking cannabis campus so I know there are already have experience with us it out atlas students. What does adult responsible I use of cannabis look like what if you had to describe that to someone and that is a tough questions? People answer because it's complicated you. It's harder to put this quantifiable quantifiable number on it and so again it's looking at it from kind of these different personal factors and yeah it's it's it's a very complicated one one thing. I really appreciated about my conversation with Matt was his attention. Just how complicated. This topic is not. There's really not a one-size-fits-all answer regarding team cannabis use and the potential risks involved. Even just finding reputable information about cannabis can.

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