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So it was like who what led the league in stolen bases in one thousand nine hundred six sixty four twenty four thirty four. I just did that five hundred times over the course of like twenty hours, and then sent it in a day earlier ones like has wanted to go to look at this. In case you wanted to make any changes, which I didn't realize at the time because I was like young like no one's gonna look at that to make any changes like they're not going over the stuff in a fine tooth comb. I mean, we hired you to do the work that you want us to read all of these. And then tell you how to improve them. They're like, no, man. Thanks attitude. Come in for a interview, and I got hired as an internet ESPN the magazine in nineteen ninety nine and outside of like, four months at HBO sports. I have not worked anywhere else. I did NBC Olympics wants, but it's like a basically just been at ESPN in a freelance capacity for a long time. And how old were you? More math twenty one. So you're still finishing up NYU. Yes. I was I as an intern wall. I was. Yeah. That's exactly what happened. And then you turned it into a full-time gig. When you graduated it was all by accident. I was going to go work for prudential in Jersey City is going to do it. I commute thing. And it was because remember like this weird. Like, you're going to buy a house in Hoboken. At the time thinking ham, a businessman, I have a business degree. I'm gonna working a big business. You know? And then they needed a job some of the people that I worked with the magazine worked at the Espy awards needed a job on that. So I worked on the SP awards. I that's one of the first things I did in like a freelance for ESPN two. I was Wayne Gretzky's red carpet escort that had to like walk them and take him to tell him when it was time to leave and move on. Yeah. Those did a lot of those two because you gotta remember this. You know? Fifty important athletes there, you know. And so you get you get this collared shirt, right? And then and you kind of have to hire these people like to like the forty eight hours before over the course of like ten SP's sometimes that goes, very wrong. You know, I can only imagine you know, I was on the same one with a girl who was Michael Phelps red carpet escort. And they're married now. Oh, that's how they met. So actually the last Espy's I was at when they walk down the carpet together. I was like you guys are not gonna remember me. And she's like, I remember you. I'm like, yeah. We were Espy's escorts together. And congrats. Yes. Yes. Wait. There's been a couple of times, which is like, no, no, no, no, no, no, not that kind of escort. Okay. Okay. Every time. I say I have to be like does this. Michael Phelps wasn't the only person who just. Hey. Out with you all night this escort for the family. There's a lot more legwork for me. But this is great. I mean, obviously, the pun jokes aside. But it does happen more than you think. Where it's just like, hey, we've got this young athlete who was famous in this like, you know, sort of like young person that's excited to work at ESPN impressionable. It's not twenty nine thousand nine remember that it's like twenty thousand six I was with Gretzky and his wife, so everything was cool and above the board. Okay. Unrelated. I don't wanna miss on misrepresent the game you can fifty over ten years. That's five hundred. You know what? I mean. You're going to have some incidents love it. Okay. So let's talk about some of the early gigs. And what you wanted to do. Obviously you grew up loving sports. And you have this business background from school? What side of things did you think you want to work on? And what did you want to be a part of? It's a good question. I had a marketing management and marketing degree, and I got hired kinds of the marketing department and twenty two and this is like life advice. I would tell people this story like just graduated college..

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