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Writers and we've spent off lifetime exploring every corner of the world so we want to share with you some of our extraordinary experiences and the amazing people. We've met along the way this week. But back in switz- the talking to jody. Cessna represents the ultimate actually packed travel. She's an extreme Border microlight pilots and skydiver jordan's idea of a light adrenaline fuelled. Recreation is to climb. One of europe's highest peaks and then dive off rate in a wing. Suit that speeds up to one hundred eighty kilometers per hour. We caught up with on the ground at a home in verbier jordan. You'll have your life in the mountains that you love where you explore the very limits of the laws of gravity whether this affair with mountain speed and danger begin for you. Okay nice nice interdiction thank you. It's all begins because my parents are really good. Sc years loves skiing and they have been asking forever in them and They brought me. We can't it. Revocations he envying. It's where i've learned to ski. When i was two years old. That's very young to yeah insulin It's not such a surprise because like sweden. Three quarters of a country is full month and everywhere we can we slide. So it's kind of common to as soon as the baby can can walk eastep to slide. So you'll relationship with the mountains sounded a very early age and then you went on to become a an extreme snowboarder. You won the extremely web. Yates three times exactly and then after that you did..

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