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Iheartradio presents inside the studio I'm your host Joe Leafy? Now, this time around I got to sit down with Steve Perry. Who is the singer for? Journey provided the soundtrack somewhere between seventy and one hundred and ten million high school proms as well as several billion trips down the highway. And the final episode of the Sopranos. We talked about his new out traces his return to music after a two decade absence. We talked about the loss of a loved one. That motivated that return. And, we talked about the pressures pains that led to that long absence a time when he found, he couldn't even listen to music. Let alone make it. When Perry Join Journey in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven, he was twenty six, and he'd already been through several bands, but never landed an album deal. For their part journey had already recorded three albums to not much notice. They were technically gifted guitarist. Neil shown and keyboardist great. Rowley had played with Santana. And at that point journey was a slightly prog band that saying about walking across the clouds, and then backed it up with five or six minutes of Sky Scraping Guitar Solos. So they had chops what they lacked was a rock and roll heart. Barry provided just.

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