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Wanted to pass this along weld. County residents according to a piece out of the trip by Jaden Watson Fisher can still apply for the Colorado Department of Human Services Low Income Energy Assistance Program otherwise known as leap it will provide assistance to people impacted by Covert Nineteen federally funded program that Helps Individuals Families. Seniors and disabled residents pay their electric bills during the colder months the application typically runs from November until April but was extended until August thirty first or until These funds run out residents whose income is up to sixty percent of the state. Median income level may qualify for assistance. There's a chart available online. Assistance does vary per household due to heating fuel costs and income. Now leap does not cover all costs of home heating but it does help reduce the burden associated with winter months energy suppliers or companies providing equipment services receive payment directly through the leap program residents in the program receive notification of the payment. So if you are interested in learning more You can call one eight six six four three to eighty four thirty five. That's one eight six six four three to eighty four thirty five to see if you qualify for this assistance. Abc News than local news. Coming your way in just a few thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont for Collins. It's eight o'clock thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the best high school coverage..

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