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Use the promo code clover and follow the prompts from their more phone calls coming up on the program. We're watching Tiger Woods tiger had a great round going at the Players Championship. He was five hundred par went to the island. Green seventeen put to drink. And then was one under par. Don't know what he's done on eighteen. Yes, he got a Aparna eighteen. Okay. So he ended the day at one under. He was in the mix. I think he was tied for eighth. And now, I think he's like fifty fifth after putting two in the water at seventeen on eight seventy. Yes, he actually has. Nine holes to play that was the bat. He started on the back nine. Oh. So he is. Yeah. Had thirty seven on the front of first nine holes. Okay. So he was off to a great start. I think he had a couple of birdies in his first four holes birdies, and then a quadruple bogey. Ouch. Having played that island green. But not with all the people around it like it's intimidating enough. And then all of a sudden you get to you. There's a par-five sixteen. So you come up sixteen and you look over and you can't help but see that island green while you're playing sixteen and then you get to seventeen and you're thinking that just a little sliver of real estate out there. Yes. Boy, do you over think it because you're looking at the water instead of the ten. Yeah. Absolutely. And for the pros, you know, it's a wedge or nightmare. I played it on a day. Whereas, Wendy, and I hit an eight iron in there. And it doesn't matter. All you want to do is put it on the green. That's it. After that. I didn't care if I bogeyed it. I just wanted to make sure I didn't put it in the water Reggie Allah wishes Miller junior the third the hall of Famer he'll be calling final four games in Dayton, Ohio, March nineteenth and reg joining us now. Good morning. Good morning. Theodore as you know, I'm not a golfer. I've never golfed around a day in my life. But I do follow that particular tournament in that particular, driving course, and that is intimidating or amateur for a pro. My question.

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