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This is an ABC podcast. Sir Welcome to science frictions some Thomas as and I'm the Tesha Mitchell. Happy Twenty twenty. Well on its way now. This show started with a tweet. I'm considering writing a pace case about my experience being raised in an anti science anti medicines sexist community how there is a whole generation of women coming into adulthood with these beliefs and why escaped that toxic culture. Would you rated if I did. It was just that single passing tweet and it caught. My attention turns out. It was by a twenty one year old woman in Oregon Cole. Sarah Olson she works in a bookshop reviews popular science books for her blog. Read More Walk Science and so in this episode of Science Fiction. You've got a mate. Sarah Olson. I we're going to talk about faith challenged and finding science. It's in trump's America. I started reading on the origin of species just as a basis of some kind of foundation to start understanding understanding. This idea that I hadn't been allowed to learn and then I started to study the Big Bang and I wanted to understand. How did the universe come into existence? If there wasn't a god to snap his fingers and have it be there. Sarah Olson grew up in intensely conservative Christian.

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