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Week only Thursday tomorrow. So can we all say at freyre that? Miss disturbed. Young woman. Soul pays age. Eighteen was a threat to everyone in Colorado and a different state now is found this morning. Can we keep our eyes open for please? If you're listening to me on Colorado's can you s right now, she may or may not have been arrested. We'll take some time to figure it out. But everybody is on the eighteen year old soul pays she threatened everyone in Colorado and specifically allegedly specifically threaten Columbine. And she allegedly bought a shotgun and the twentieth. Anniversary of that horrific slaughter is later this week. And perhaps she was planning. Nobody knows she's disturbed young woman. Everyone's looking for. So the massive manhunt underway closed some Denver schools, put others on lock in her plane landed in Denver. According to the FBI, and then she went out and purchase a pump action shot got an ammunition. Now, she could be anywhere and have done something to herself. We don't know just go find your picture stare at it. She five foot five she's wearing camouflage pants black boots and a black shirt. Five foot. Five is. And if she carrying a shotgun. You know, it's her it's not a hard description. Let's let's try and get together Pete Buddha. Edge. Headey townhall in Des Moines Iowa last night that was supposed to track fifty people. It true sixteen hundred and fifty people in Des Moines. Now, I got a theory. A theory deep inside. Oh, yeah. Now, if I had a producer. I'd have some music for that. I got a feeling deep inside. Oh, yeah. I know they're they're clueless. By the way, saw amazing grace last night.

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