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Now buying his data. Brass trumpet is the closest a- corolla has ever gotten to winning a medal adam corolla. Yeah get it on to get on. Get them and they did it on. Thanks for ten minutes then down. The friendly loved that about you right. Gina grants right. Pinball brian right. I got hey you. I'm working feverishly on the porsche as we Get ready to head on out to Pebble beach the pilgrimage. She'll begin Next week how you feeling are you scared. Are you freaking out. I just sat in the car to try to measure. Try to get measured up for the harnesses because the harnesses that the car had had a date on them. They put a date on your harness belts in these. Were over four. So they've expired well they would still work but they put dates on everything and they want you to say i know. They do like airplane engines. Right like you'll have so many hours and then make sense became instrument fucking fall into the sky but like you said they do that with car seats you're not allowed to like your donates darn i mean of resell them and give them away of course but you're supposed to they not for them. They should put something together because I spent a pretty penny on car seats. My kids asked grace then. Won a couple of miles. He's got his huggy buki and steffi's in one and then he's the other but when we were done with them there are two and a half years old. Then good to go. I don't know why we couldn't give them to a poor family but somehow they decompose or something. Although he threw a car seat in a landfill it would remain as yes. It would be like king tut in his tomb. They could uncover it. Thousands of years from now would be fine. There's a natural fiber in those entire seat. And because we're such a litigious country. I wonder if this is the way. It is in other countries. And i doubt it. Nobody wants to be sued because of this right. But we're also constantly banging the drum. You gotta get a car seat. And they're expensive very. We're also banging the drum. If you've got to recycle reuse got put back in the system. This is the same thing you drew about this next time you guys have. Ads The plastic water bottles the reusable of course now reusable single use water bottles from avion. Or whatever saying small-print do not refill. Would you rank us to buy another bottle. Actually some danger here gal which it is all right. Well i was sitting around. And i was thinking about Andrew cuomo and i was thinking about chris. Cuomo and I got andrew right. I wanna say mario but that's dad right. Well there's a lot of cuomo's flying around. And then i i started to look at their physicality because they're both their heads are on. Tv every station has one of their head on tv and elector brothers and they're both arguably attractive although i think I think you gotta go with you. Gotta give the nod to chris cuomo. Yeah by first round knockout. the not. Well we're looking at a maybe unflattering picture of Andrew but okay. There's no competition you're right. And so i started thinking about it like well. What's what's different you know. They come from the same Eggs and sperm. And and i realized well andrews more defined the lines are deeper. The nose is a little pronounce. The everything's just a little more pronounced right. I started looking at a sort of thinking about it. it's a subtle difference but it's a difference and then i thought about the swayze brothers thought. Patrick swayze is chris. Cuomo and don swayze is andrew. Cuomo and i said go find. Find a picture and make me right chris. Late-stage no pun. Intended patrick swayze like a younger one software. Right why chris pick younger run with softer pictures. Why not one from the hospital room. Danny your softer pictured proudly drill the point home. But i don't think he was captured on film before his forty seven officers limited. Or is that a sneaking from his cedars. Yeah but this is yeah. This is patrick. Closer to the end. But but patrick and Wait a minute what was the other. Sways don swayze. It's it's the same. It's the same rules. Apply is Looks like the caricature of the deeper cut version of the other caricature of the other. All right max pattern but both the softer picture. In both instances. The other brothers been baked an extra ten minutes in the right. That's that's it. Yes max you're all right. So there's that Update on the car sent a couple of pictures over to max pat. We've been taken apart the exhaust system and trying to work out the electrical on it. And it's kind of an interesting thing to which is One should talk to people who've driven cars that are analogous in the same category close enough to to understand what The cars will do. And yeah like i was talking to a guy named mark hotchkiss markoch gifts in his brother do suspension work and and beyond but mark. I remember drove his porsche to great success. In one of the races. I was in maybe a couple years talk to and he drives an rs are seventy four are sorry which extensively looks like the car that that i'm driving and so i called him up and i was like so How do you drive this car. And he said Well we can find a picture of the cars though. Max basil shorthanded but said we'll. It's got huge big big wide slicks in the back and thinner tires in the front. So when you go into a corner the car's gonna want to plow forward. It's not going to want to turn in because this much less rubber on the front than there is on the back so he said you have to kind of slide. The car over kick the rear end out a little bit insert steer it with the throttle. They can sell most fishtail. Yeah like give it some throttle. Get get the car to rotate a little. If you just turn the wheel it's just gonna kinda plow forward but but get it to get it to rotate a little. So i said all right. And then i said you can see from the picture that we're showing. Here's got a huge tire in the back tires next to each right and much thinner tire in the front so i said all right what else and.

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