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Good morning breakfast with aj's max with you till half past six in a few moments will say good morning tannery dimbleby who's been looking through the paper so arguably you don't have to i holler before then let's just have a look at the front pages for your city am bishopsgate bombing twentyfive years only got some pictures of never seen before footage it's quite extraordinary the devastation and certainly if you lived in london and worked in london as i did still do actually but as i did at the time it's it's still brings back extraordinaire memories of that particular occasion the financial times leads with may declare memorial day for lawrence but also us ins at easing roussel sanctions if putin linked only gawk sells out also capital in the companies a markets capital raises seven hundred million pounds for that turnaround plan times leads with rudd vowels a change of culture a migration that's nothing to do with my producer who you my may not know is called rudyard anyway ambuhl rod they're talking about there but also three and ease eaten offer william the warrior they've got a picture of course of the royal baby on the front page of the times the sun however there's more pronounced eight pounds seven ounces prince's bone on patron saint's day and father's birthday oh how exciting cry for mummy england nonsense headline daily mail his first royal wave really daily express prince william perfectly captures lifelong reality apparent thrice the worry now who talks like that of the prince william royal baby bullies souvenir edition daily express a sixty feet money wellspent royal arrival buckingham palace announced his duchess of cambridge has given birth through bad boy daily mirror funny enough there their triple crown wills and kate they're not so not so complimentary about amber rudd the daily telegraph has a full page picture of of kate and new child the guardian uk citizen citizenship for windros generation on one half of the paper and a picture of william and kate and the new child on the other and there's this glorious sixteen page souvenir from the daily mail oh how lovely good morning henry dimbleby co founder of leeann good morning how are you this morning.

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