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You might just a love these and the best notes for me of going back to the hotel room with with with the lives and just sitting there and just putting on like old wrestling and which are just captured just captured just little things like the action Dawson recently. And there was this much like Austin and the bricky steamboat and Austin void bump steamboat off the the, the second buckle, and it's sadly wasting engineers back and they didn't. They didn't wrestle for a long time, but there's this camera shot that got, and it's just sweat dripping from Austin knows it's just off. It's it's so ridiculous. Just off the mighty. It's the little things right. And back to Austin, you know, the the shot in the sharpshooter the blood coming down that dot changed the entire trajectory of his career. All right, but we gotta talk about you here. Okay, and talk. I want to talk about what I think might be one of the most brilliant names this side of Sexton Hardcastle. Which is rockstar spud, and let's let's be. I'm pretty sure rockstar spud and Sexton Hardcastle would have been a tag team in a different era. I possibly best friends possibly enemies down the road, but you know what that coming. I didn't know what it was. How about. So how does that all come about? Like 'cause that day? I remember the first time I heard that I would. I have no idea what that means, but it's forget. Vogue was used to tell me anybody told ourselves this night, just gotta set. Really, really. Spike Dudley and I thought to myself rights monitor trae path as because I'm smaller than spike, I should go. So I'll call myself spoke to spot. Just point weapon to put me down. Yeah, so I started to just spun and for two matches. I think I was just a. Absolute new, Jack slash with, and then then became my own thing. And then after six years and spud, who was just a white mate on the dog by buffet, Sally's ASA gave that wins in the end. So and then I thought to myself, ROY landscapes giants, you not done this before is really show the Saudi myself. So I came up with a character that was like an eighteenth hair and the, you know, caricatural been rockstar one, but I wanted this character, the virgin a wanted to live living his mother's hives just to complete delusional man, the rocks cow, but he actually just lives in a small with trial home and doesn't have any money, but he's spending might think he water. He's just fan millions on most wrestlers so so just calling it rockstar spud. 'cause. That it was like self explanatory that not. Well, that's where it came from. It wasn't anything able mating Foley could've been doctors foot, I would have been cool. Well, I appreciate the backstory. I appreciate you formulated the fact that that this guy lives at a trailer with his mom but thinks he's a rockstar, you know? Yeah, backstory created a was he like he actually Pravada, but if a goal came near him, he wouldn't know what to do. And like ago touch it hand on his leg. And then you have the vision of like, oh. Like Veneta what happened. Nothing. Wearing spandex. So there's yeah. Yeah. So he's got his foot. Even vitally vitally anything to Mike him a likeable. But unlikable point where he resented tiny than any tiny, the no photo could get a besides over 'cause he was still a war. We've heard it was. It was always about mentally high use me to help get someone over who I'm working over, you know? Right. So. What would you? What did you see start to happen? As far as your matches and reactions? And you know, starting to get, obviously you're trying to to to, you know, you're, you're obviously, your goal is to go as far as high as you can in the business like like, did you see your booking starting to go up and like what was your feeling when you start to portray this character? You brought it to life. It was very different in England because everybody was focusing on wrestling and trying to be big, good wrestlers and always focusing on like just saying, okay, I'm gonna cut promos. I'm gonna use YouTube and you get used, really in England are are just remember. I remember watching stave off moves documentary, poll Heim and say, nowadays when summit an axe to grind or some to side Dow posted on Facebook, Twitter, and back in the day, we didn't have that..

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