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Ladies feel good about the precautions the marathon organizers are taking but it really boils down to self vigilance washing your hands is basically the best thing is like preventing the flu from spreading as it would go a long way I think it's a smart thing for reasons to be very cautious about we they have to deal with so many people but I'm glad that they're continuing it because we just feel that right now at this moment we're not in that danger zone they're also being cautious about who they take snacks from along the route Margaret Carrero can extend seventy news radio an investigative report by the ACLU shows tens of millions of dollars the school funds being illegally diverted from the kids who need to use them to school police instead ACLU attorneys dug deeper and found that fifty six school districts across Sampoerna Dino LA and riverside counties move money illegally away from say low income and foster students to security measures in school police Victor Lee young of the ACLU of southern California says that violates the law and hurts minority students really what it does is criminalized the students and pushes them out of school rather than provide any sort of benefits so it goes from the kids to the cops and he says things just go from bad to worse for the student's suspension rates increase exposure rates increase the rest rate increase in the meantime he claims the districts are already skipping on mental health resources only a few counselors are no counselors are in schools no nurses and many schools no school psychologists no school social workers he says school boards and members of the community need to keep tabs on where all the money is going and make sure provides the badly needed help for high needs kids John Baird KNX ten seventy newsradio twenty gene is ready checks or money car sharing ride hailing electric scooters and bikes the mobility revolution was hailed as the beginning of the end for the one person one car mode of transportation as we know it the CEO of lists that that personal car ownership in large cities would be all but gone by twenty twenty five but that's not how it's playing out Bloomberg technology reporter Joshua Brustein instead what we've seen is a pretty steady increases in both car ownership and the amount that people drive over the lifespan of these companies carsharing companies have struggled to attract enough customers get around is cutting a quarter of its staff share now has pulled out of North America uber lift have achieved scale but ride hailing has not reduce traffic congestion it actually increases it and that's because a lot of times these cars are being driven around by drivers waiting for someone to call them for a ride companies say it's too soon to deliver a verdict after all over a lifter valued at tens of billions of dollars AS one lift executive put it they're battling more than a hundred years of car ownership we check your money at twenty and fifty after each hour on Bloomberg's Jeanna Cervidae for can extend seventy newsradio the.

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