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Kfbk. From ABC News. I'm Brian Clark, another major move from a social media company, calling the period leading up to the inauguration, a major civic event. Facebook says it's going to remove any content that has the phrase stop the steel as the tech giant prepares for the inauguration. Law enforcement is getting ready on the ground, says ABC is Erica, Turkey. The Department of Homeland Security will start the inaugural security this Wednesday, nearly a week ahead of schedule, Acting Secretary Chad Wolf said. It's in light of the events. Of the past week and the evolving security landscape leading up to the inauguration. An FBI bulletin obtained by ABC News warned of armed protests beginning this weekend, and the governors of Maryland and Virginia have now joined the mayor of Washington, D C and asking people not to travel to the capital for President elect Joe Biden's inauguration. ABC is Mark Rebel Art has Maura on the president elect. He was asked Monday if he has any concerns about taking his oath outside, given the heightened threats of violence around the inauguration. I'm not afraid of taking you outside way. He called for those responsible for the quote. Seditious attack on the Capitol last week to be held accountable. Incitement of insurrection is the article of impeachment House Democrats are planning to consider Wednesday against President Trump if Vice President Mike Pence in the Cabinet do not invoke the 25th amendment before then. ABC is Karen Travers says It is highly unlikely that we see that happen that pence in the majority of the Cabinet, go ahead and make that move to remove the president from office. Now. We should note, though we haven't heard directly from the vice president that he won't do that. But this silence also says something to California's only distributed about one third of its available Corona virus vaccination doses. So Governor Gavin Newsom says guidelines are going to get more flexible if there's a dose sitting there, and there's no one cued up. It's in line based upon existing tears. We want to be able to move to other priority groups. You're listening to ABC News from California's Capital City. This is Sacramento's news 93.1. Hey, FBK. I'm Greg Fishman to 02 with your top local stories. California's nearing 30,000 deaths from the covert 19 pandemic, the state's Department of Public Health recorded 468 deaths yesterday, a day after setting a record one day total of 695 Governor Gavin Newsom says today the state is stepping up vaccine distribution statewide. We're speeding up the administration, not just priority groups. But also now opening up large sites to do so, meaning Dodger Stadium. Padre Stadium, Cal Expo these large mass vaccination sites. The total number of deaths since the pandemic started, is now listed at 29,701 covert 19 hospitalizations or nearly 22,000 and Health officials Project. That number could reach 30,000 by next month. Congressman Tom McClintock is asking President elect Joe Biden to use his influence with Democrats to stop the impeachment effort against President Trump. McClintock, who represents California's fourth district signed a letter with six other members of Congress. They say impeachment with Fort Biden's efforts to unify Americans, however, they might be too late in enlisting Biden's help. Earlier today, the House introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump for inciting violence against the government of the United States. Traffic and weather together. Now here's Dana.

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