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Is a business that's going to go up in value right like netflix is worth hundred sixty billion dollars today hbo winners worth forty fifty it makes no sense right in the right hands hbo and hbo and warners has a lot of an amazon or an apple why can't they walk away from the transaction and another penalties and fees but this changed in two years time warner management is close enough to get this deal done walking away i think imagine team is is kind of done yeah the corporate the corporate sides over i i think there's a you know they're they're walking away from it you know the handing it off the i can understand the excitement of the deal breaking down to the bigger rafa coming in but if the dot wins today doesn't the whole story of the media sector just breakdown with it it does and in the next day then we're attracting comcast to walk in or wednesday with a bid for fox well that's not gonna happen right away right so all of a sudden the air time warner in the management or kind of in a catch twenty two if the deal goes through the likelihood of a bigger off account again given how difficult is going to be to get deals done right by jonathan i'd say to you what they should you the next step should be a breakup of time warner time warner big there's two different pieces of content distribution should be separated out within this folks i should make clear craig moffett expertise on a telecom and sort comcast and cable and all that and nathanson expert and content and what's going on there give us an update then on what to me is the path breaker but struggling to get transactions done which is disney disney wants to go on stream they wanna do these how is disney doing right now you know disney's been doing fine if you look into the more than fine they have businesses like theme parks all time high movies nothing nothing has been better than theirs espn has been the bear case for the past three years right now espn is at a point now agreeing sparking new affiliate fees new deals done i think disney is fine you know the prompt dizzy now is you.

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