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The Packers making their final preparations to take on the Saints in Jacksonville on Sunday. Kick off set 43 25 Indian baseball the Brewers in Cleveland, starting a three game weekend series against the Indians. Tonight Coverage here on WTMJ this evening starts at 5 35. The Milwaukee Brewers are celebrating Bob you curs 50th season in the booth during the last home stand up this season before the playoffs begin. Now we all know in the state of Wisconsin and here at WTMJ with Bob Bucher means to us. He's a civic treasure, and we cherish it each and every time he sits behind the MIC to college Brewers baseball game. But is there another fan base that appreciates him just as much joining us now from ESPN, 8, 50, w. K and R in Cleveland, he's a host out there he is. Aaron Goldhammer. So Erin the Brewers are in Cleveland tonight, two cities that are forever intertwined because of the major league movie series And because of Bob you cruise role as Harry Doyle. What do you think it is about? You can we obviously know in Milwaukee and then the state of Wisconsin? What makes him so special behind the mic? But what do you think it was about? You can those movies that made him resonate outside of our state lines here in Wisconsin? Well, look, I think he's resonated in Cleveland, because I think it feels like he's actually calling the game in this sort of sarcastic way that embodying how the fans felt about the Indians for so long. But I think it's important for people to remember when that movie came out, Brian that the biggest game that the Indians had ever played in Pedro Cerrano. It hit a home run. And if wild thing Vaughn came out of the bullpen to pitch You know, so fans would cry watching that because in most of their lifetimes the Indians had never really played of meaning. Forget, Um, And so I think it was really this perfect storm of Them having struggled for so long, And then the Indians got good sort of right after the movie came out that you could just sort of became the voice of this exciting new era where the team would be relevant and cool and not the doormat of the American League. Is the staying power of the movie and of his performance. Still there even post Cleveland Championship. Yes, definitely. I mean, if you're doing a Cleveland sports talk radio show, and you don't play just a bit outside. You know you're not doing it right? And I think that That movie in the organization are synonymous and one of the things everybody talked about Brian when the name change went through, and obviously the team is going to be known as the Guardians moving forward, starting in 2022. Is that that incredible relationship between the movie and the team will feel a little bit more distant because the name is going to be different. And I remember, you know, Game seven of the World Series against the Cubs in 2000 and 16. Everybody wanted Charlie Sheen on the bound to throw out the first pitch. And if Sheen wasn't available, I mean, Yuk would have gotten one of the biggest standing ovations in the history of Cleveland if he had shown up that night on that mountain. Aaron Goldhammer of ESPN 8 50, W. K and R in Cleveland with us as a part of brewer's 3 60 this morning on WTMJ, Erin. It's hard not to draw parallels between the summer you guys had in Cleveland in 2016, and what's going on here in Milwaukee in 2021, with the box winning the championship in the Brewers, seemingly having this season of destiny. What do you remember most about? Not necessarily this summer. I think that's an easy answer from a Cavaliers perspective. But what do you remember about that fall that maybe Milwaukee sports fans can take away from the Cleveland sports experience. Yes, well, the Indians had about seven major injuries going into the playoffs, and what I remember the most is that we had completely written them off. They played the Red Sox in the divisional round. We assumed Boston with sweets. And then the Indians somehow won Game one, and then they want Game two, and then they pulled off a sweep. And you come to realize that the baseball playoffs are about momentum and who's hot, who's lucky at the right time. And that was them through the first, like 2.5 rounds. That's right. You know, they smoked the Blue Jays, the LCS and they got 31 lead on the cuts. We thought they were just going to cruise to a championship and then obviously At the worst time, their their luck ran out, but I remember how unexpected it was. So it was a lesson in just get in and anything happens. Hopefully, we get to hear Bob. You could call the World Series Championship and see if the Brewers can close. The deal. Unlike Cleveland, was able to do Aaron Goldhammer of ESPN Cleveland, thanks so much for the time and appreciate it. You gotta get brewers 3 60, sponsored by injuries. Solar and electric front row analysis from some of the best in the business tuned into Wisconsin's morning news weekdays at 8 15 for brewers 3 60, Get up! Get out of here and gone on Mondays we check in with longtime journal Sandal Brewers beat writer Tom Han record guy that he'd like to add to his lineup. 2018 2019 Christian Yelich. He has looked lost for a long time..

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