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This year now they trade await next year's this deal only makes sense if watkins's their longterm they now are in the spot where they have to get a contract done with their donald they basically have to make this watkins move work because it really makes no sense for it to happen as a one your rental that said the eagles his biggest hole on their roster was cornerback by far it was not a competitive cornerback the rams biggest on the roster by far was a vertical type a receiver i mean the closest thing they had was robert woods who's a possession guy former teammate sammy right suddenly they they makes a lot more sense okay robert woods the possession guy you've got cooper cups your slot receiver and tehran austin is essentially a forgotten man and just kind of a utility number four guy and it all works a lot better this team is much better with cme one thing i mean this rams front office hey you had to cut bait on greg robinson and now all the whispers or o'hara we get rid of on austin can you be traded oh he doesn't have certain almostcertain certain amount of money after this season it's more doable after signing the ridiculous extension that he assign which was essentially the team saying we've created a star player but no one else selma star player if table on austin moves in you are the rams gm you have essentially with two two not first round picks the ever there and your tenure the already off the team how much more time do you have in that organisation that's why i think it it lowers the honeymoon period here now with watkins and god it's like okay we gotta goffin walk into this and damn now i think they got a win seven games you in a moment this year and show something in and be competitive word i think steve finally runs at a time he said he said quite a bit a rope now now before we move on.

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