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Christina ko, senior editor at custom. To today media's in-house agency. In this podcast interstitial story, sponsored by Amazon ads, we speak with adverse dismay, vice president of people experience and technology for IMDb and Amazon ads, and Melissa origin, cofounder and CEO of origin bees. About the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and how Amazon's black business accelerator program is supporting black owned businesses. The Amazon ads recently commissioned the new research environments research called the higher impact 2022 report. Now, this global report focuses on consumer brand sentiment as it relates to topics around sustainability around diversity, equity, and inclusion. And also brand authenticity, which is really something that brands care about and consumers care about as well. And the research shows that consumers are stepping up their expectations. In fact, 46% of respondents agree that they go out of their way to choose brands that have a corporate commitment to the AI.

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