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Visit us at Metro beth dot com. It's 11 38 traffic and weather on the AIDS to rob Stone words in the w T o p traffic center. Sandy looking pretty good. Still that way running in Maryland and Virginia. North down to 70. Looks pretty good as you make your way, leaving Rockville headed toward Frederick. But in Clarksburg on 109 both ways near I 2 70 You may be under police direction for the crash scene. They're traveling eastbound 50. This is near Round Boulevard, getting the first report of a crashed there. Watch out for responders as they head to the scene, also in Annapolis. Rude to South down near Route 50. We had the emergency work, possibly along the left side of the roadway for traveling across the Bay Bridge. There are two lanes east and three lanes in that westbound direction. But delays are very few and look pretty smooth. The traveling north bound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway after 4 50 left and right sides of block for the pickup truck that lost its load. And is facing the wrong direction. Hopefully, that will be gone pretty soon. No problems. If you traveling in Virginia, Things are pretty clear on 66 leaving Gainesville headed toward Roslyn I 95 South bound delays, leaving Morton headed across the Aqua Kwan and down 1 23 in Santilli on Route 50 both ways near Wali Road in Centerville Road. We had the report of a crash. Otherwise, If you're traveling in the district in South East 34th Street was closed both ways between Minnesota Avenue in D Street as a result of a police investigation, Also DC to 95 North bound before Eastern Avenue. We had very report of a crash, but please use caution if you're traveling in that area. Rob Stallworth, w T o P Traffic and now to storm team for meteorologist Lauren Rickets temperatures today reaching to 90 degrees. We've got some sunshine. We've got the high humidity. It's a little.

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