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So only took a little took a little hiatus got beg right came back in a defeated. James gale who wasn't really the jam together that we were new, but the way he was talking. It seemed like he didn't think that Chris Eubank junior with on the same level as them and even even his father 'cause you senior doubt Jan together with a dangerous opponent in could possibly upset the app record. You know what I'm saying? So. Didn't Douglas another you bang junior teammate or or stablemate or camp made away. We wanna call it actually pick James gale after he was already training with Chris Eubank. So again, and a lot of doubts going into this fight. But the bookies added they had a dead on man that bad because you've been as favorite, and he went out there may and put on a damn good damn performance. Now, we need to see work west up that he takes Knicks and a fight with Bill on this in my opinion would have been debt that perfect dip because not only do you get another name. But you go back. You're evanger laws on your record. Even know how controversial or you feel like you didn't lose one thing. Stuck with me? And and as a competitor, you can't let slide you can't just let this shit go under the fucking. I mean by the wayside. You cannot. Let us ly Billy Joel's on this. I go to bed every night happy knowing the IB, Chris Eubank, I want on the card. I have it on my record not him me. So I can sleep well at night, while I know each him up, and if you're a competitive, you heard those words, there's no way in hell if the money's right, everything, right? You don't want that fight? But we all know it's a big fight over in Britain that could be a stadium fake bicker. Be one of those that they put out outdoors in a stadium. Do big numbers. And they do good type of us because the the the background is already. There. The backstory is already there. There's no building up to buy. We all know what to expect going this by a lot of trash talk. One guy going bugs at one guy going come for. But with the tutelage of m. Gab? Sorry. I'm forgetting his name. The new Christy may trainer guys. I mean on the chat. Y'all know nutrient up name, but yeah, maybe he can show Chris Eubank Bangor to in with this improvements from last night in the where improvements this your jail. Dizzy, could you try to box more behind his jab? So they're they're definitely have been approved. But this by should definitely happy. Man. I don't know what the it is. Both guys seem to be kinda still made Billie. Joe son's is going up to one fifty eight and five way a interim WBO championship. I don't know if Bertel Ramirez is going to move up the stand where he's at that's a whole topic. But right now both guys seem to kinda need each other not needing center. They can't find him more Feis but late in the center eight if I can get a fight with another. Oh, I can get a five secure with a with a with a triple, gene. Maybe I do if I with my domestic brethren and make some money and the reason I brought up another because Christie bang junior..

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