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Make sure your state plan your tax plan your investment plan. All has a plant in their apple. They were operating as a fee only fiduciary, and that's the direction that all all your listeners should go into. All right. I'm gonna ask you two questions. Real quick, Quick answers. Who's Who's gonna win the box Heat game tonight? Box, Okay? And then on the air Rogers, what's he gonna say tonight? Um if they give him the money, why? I mean, yeah. I mean, if this this could be the greatest negotiation that I've ever seen, I mean, if they come back and give him the extra 20 million, and in a couple of year extension, he stays and you know when they go on, get Antonio. I mean, yeah, Let's go win a Super Bowl. Let's go. What's the phrase? Show me the money. I'm usually Yeah. Steve, Steve. I'm usually what's you know what's the culture like? What's it gonna be like? But listen, you know you don't want to be the Chicago Bears the last time they've had a quarterback with Sid Luckman in the 19 forties. I love the Bears bashing days. Spinal President cl that its wealth management. Thank you, Dave. Thanks, Dave. All right, guys, enjoy the day she is not just about investing is about sports, too. No. No package would say That's the whole thing. We just egg soup to nuts, man soup to nuts, and I had to move the Tuesday last week was Justus. Good on Tuesday. I'm not surprised. How about that? He's a pro. All right. Now you tell me. We're talking about lipstick after this. What is shall we have today? We'll talk about everything. Well, I only brought the lipstick thing up because it was all over CNN over the weekend all over the place. I missed CNN over the media's watching a P gs. Yeah, here. Okay, color is it? Kind of a pink pink on your anniversary day. Happy anniversary to Carol and Lou. All right after the break. Apparently we're talking about lipstick. Right here. Wtmj More Steven Carol. Next on WTMJ. Wisconsin is a special place the kind of place you want to raise a family just like I did, but sometimes even in Wisconsin. Had things can happen if you get injured, and it's.

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