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The three people in sixteen California counties bracing for the next round of P. Jeannie public safety power shut downs they have reduced the number of the project and shut downs an estimated a hundred eighty thousand people that could be affected as the high winds hit northern California tomorrow got a P. Jeannie press conference coming up at six o'clock which we will share with you five sixteen now in the impeachment proceedings continue today was special U. S. U. crane envoy Kurt Volker and former National Security Council official to Morrison the morning session included lieutenant colonel Alexander Goodman who serves on the National Security Council and Jennifer Williams a career foreign service officer well to get some insight we welcome back attorney bill port in Nova I he served for many years as an assistant United States Attorney prior to that Sir for several years as a deputy district attorney insect our county welcome back to KFBK thank you yeah I'm glad you could be with us so let's look at this kind of as a overview is we maybe move and two more some more specific questions the Republicans say that these hearings are politically motivated the democratic say no we are looking after an impeachable impeachable offence quid pro quo yes how do you characterize it is can it be both do you see it is both it is both this is the it's a legitimate investigation of what the Democrats perceive that a lot of people in the country perceive as a presidential abuse of power to try to link the payment of already authorized money at to a country in exchange for an investigation and if that's what it was exactly it would yes it's something worth investigating but it has been investigated it is a legitimate investigation in a political arena and now the politics of taken over completely the Republicans are not getting on board not a single member and the Republican senators are already saying it's dead on arrival in the Senate so what we have left is a political stage and a political staged event that's boring is worse than no event all I've again watched the proceedings today I sought to lower level executives from the state department essentially National Security Council at describing what they overheard and different things this morning and then a couple of more senior people this afternoon offered by the Republicans providing cover for the president the fact that we did that ambassador Volker provide cover for the president he also seemed to indicate that it looks like this is a good faith mistake by the president for relying on Rudy Giuliani who we identified as this is a bad source of information bill I wanna I wanna bring up two things number one is vin men and Williams the morning session they were both on the call that is in question with the president they were actually on the call they didn't over here's things they were part of that call second while I agree that Volker has generally provided cover for the White House here he did say something that gave the Republicans a great deal of discomfort and that was he spoke up for Joe Biden and said I don't believe that Joe Biden operates in anything other than the best interest of the United States of America I did see that and I thought that was a proud moment for Joe Biden and I think the country feels that way about Joe Biden I honestly think he's a substantial candidate and he is the person that anybody who wants to be president needs to get pastoral Biden that includes Donald Trump it also includes the people in the Democratic Party very difficult to imagine how this thing ballooned into such a big series of hearings as it has there is no evidence that Joe Biden did eleven corrupt there is plenty of evidence that his son took a job it's clearly a pay off to try to have access to the American government but there's no evidence that hunter by ever attempted to communicate with his father and that is attorney bill ports to Nova and we'll have more with bill coming right up here but we've got some traffic.

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