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So this is about how you dress in the kitchen. Oh, dear. So do us any kind of a apron, or smock, and is it very restaurant? He was a look like wow. I know as a little personal. It's okay to do. I must do or my hands. Don't work. One is to put my hair in ponytail and make sure all of my hair is out of my face. The second one is I must wear an apron. And I my favorite apron is regard. They make chef's jackets to the route of France. And they make the apprentices aprons is the ones that Yulia used to love their these blue apron that are very long that French blue. Yeah. And I love it because this the only thing that covers my rear end. You know. So when you're cooking, particularly when you're baking dealing with flower, you get flour, all of your hands, and you sort of go put him on the your rear end. Suddenly got flower marks all over you. So I like to sort of keep that part of me covered. So that's. My favorite apron, and I the planer the better. I'm not into frilly this not functional. So now you've give me hint him what to. Oh, yes, I'd like to go online tonight. Yes. Okay. Time for some calls. Welcome to milk street whose calling. Hi, this is Josh from Chicago. Hi, josh. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Good. How can we help you? Well, I'm calling because I am trying to up my spice game I have for such a long time had the typical spices my salt my peppers, maybe on. Occasion. I'll go crazy Nelson dried oregano cumin. So I thought I would actually kind of break the mold this year and try and build out that spice rack that's been for too long empty, and I'm just trying to figure out how does the guy kind of build out the spices. And where does they start? And what are some of the more interesting spices that one should have in their repertoire? I'll give you five or six bicycles. I think you should get you mentioned cumin coriander. You should definitely have those, I would have them ground and whole seeds. A lot of recipes I use them whole or you toast them hole in a Skillet for a couple of minutes, and then grind them up. You get lots more flavors for pepper Aleppo. Pepper and earth. Pepper Aleppo is particularly useful. It's a little fruity. It's hot. It's using a lot of recipes around the Middle East, a smoked paprika, you can use water old bread in some garlic, and make a soup with smoked paprika. That's great turmeric I soon you have around, but make sure you have that and then to others Samak, which is lemony and sour, at the same time it's used a lot in Middle Eastern cooking. And the last would be Sichuan pepper corns because they give you that sort of numbing experience in the mouth, which is really unique and is used a lot of cooking, so cumin coriander Cardamom Aleppo smoked paprika turmeric. Samak Sichuan, pepper corns. That's more than five but that's my list. Josh? What are you going to be cooking? While I traditionally, mostly stews. I'm trying to break out of that mold, I'd have to suggestions saute onions with some oil cook them and added the spices onions at the beginning to develop some flavor. So no matter what spices to us. Don't just throw everything in and you could use a coal pan with cold oil, put the unions in, and then at your cumin coriander. Whatever you want in develop that for seven, or eight minutes. Secondly, when you're finished with your dish take a little bit of oil, just like grapeseed oil could be your holiday. I'll take a little bit of spice like Aleppo pepper would work or you could use turmeric or whatever you want and infuse that on top of the stove just warm up oil with the pepper in it for a couple minutes, and then drizzle it over each serving when you serve it. It's called targets..

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