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Bullshit doll? No no no. He did it yet he did. He said I am not. I'm not making a w best friends wrestling. 'cause someone axiom are not going to sign your best friend. Zecchini goes on might be. This is my best friend's lesson okay. I'm going to give them carte blanche on this new show and I'm gonNA give a cobbler. Vote is for his take. When this company started owned by the way real continued. He's someone Experti- slater he said. No no thank you. Not He slater. I'm wow really. He said no thank you. Wow that's different. But the main thing was about that they must they must have heat. They must have like he wants to make a the they must have some shoot but Really the only call blondes. I`Ma give him is that he he probably was not one of those all right. Let's look at the age of your Asta. Okay who out of that roster? Do you think that he probably was okay? Inside your assignment. Hugh t Marshall Okay His brother his brother. Okay clearly Well actually look up the w roster van because I think the majority of roster that was Saina is probably through Kenny Kenny and fuck in the young bucks And and and and Khan who probably thought I like? This guy is cool until Kahn had which would I don't know if you had an in wrestling went down was that he's been booking the shows for the past the news about your book it for and he's been actually pretty good. It has been good day and he's making it simple tournament that's how it should be on the tournament. That's what that's what it matters. And it's it's I think it's it's executed very well e- And why you look the Russell. Let me let me do. I had the rosary all right. Give me a second Disclose where in a lot of times people. Who have this issue about? Well if you're not in a business then you can't book shit which I heard many times when I used to coach sports and it will go well. If you've never played competitively you don't know okay. Granted I used to coach basketball teams right right and I never played a competitive basketball. I'll play recreationally with you. Know guys on the block or in a ymca or shit like that. But I know the game I know the game so the only thing that they will tell me it was like well. You know what it is when you're in the heat of the moment and you gotta play something so I go. That's why I got players for the will tell me right is So this what is exactly why I am happy that Tony Kahn is actually doing well. Because he's actually putting matches and in in in booking storylines that makes sense you know. We had hiccups here and there. But no one's perfect but I think that he's also a guy who watches the dirt cheese or watches Social Media. And it's like okay. Yeah right we can do this and make it better and it. It seems to be working but I'll look at the roster here I really. Don't see many Cody Rhodes friends. I think cody was more of the recruit guys. That's why he went around Ryan's in Nevada. I think he was more of the. I think he's The guy who recruited priority and q t Marshall I think. Ut Marshall is the only one that was like okay. That's my boy He's a rookie of his best. Some love by anybody else brother. What else nothing. No no restaurant was so this is why he probably put his foot down. I'm not GonNa but I think it's bullshit I do think it's bullshit call best friends wrestling. That's different bullshit at the I think. No no what. I'm saying is bullshit because I think cody's and be like listen you guys bocce people's and so far it's not working. But gimme the Gimme with Zach Zach. Could be a guy who comes in as a person who's supposed to be like his right hand man or an executive or that kind of that kind of model and become a independent star in a company like he could heal branch out separately. You bring Zac as a matter. How broad a coat. How they burned Cochabamba Bright. A really he slater in Ah What about self what you just said. I think it's a Kenyan youngest problem of sprint problem with friends like not as Allah has no to be signed in.

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