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Is the fall nub and we have to hear john's calls of judges to all runs yesterday so first of all we're here number forty nine which ties the mark mcgwire record here we go there's a threetwo there he goes packages slung earlier today right hi why all the grandstand enwright fat rodriguez hair it's been a ties mark mcgwire the host home runs by any rookie in may julie history for one year is forty night homerun to russia and the yankees take a threenothing late and there was number forty nine and now the recordbreaker number fifty there goes center it is that julianne hough hey love fenner center eric judd our work later at home run for one season in major league history it says that the at home what i here aaron joe you talk about day just set a new record fifty home runs in his rookie year while and of course you got curtain curtaincall and a whole deal after number fifty yesterday it's funny i was looking back at mark mcgwire who by the way i always felt was incredibly overrated i thought he was shirley to the media i thought sammy sosa were much more likeable during that home run chase as partial the sammy sosa the both of them are cheating so i'm glad mark mcgwire no longer has that in one thing i will say 'do what he the rookie year 1987 i don't think he was with steroid was that was legitimate forty nine online was what was interesting is that mark mcgwire was called up in 1980 six kind of like how erin judge right called our last year and mark mcgwire really struggled in those eighteen.

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