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Men are expected back in court today Snohomish county detectives are looking for for two suspects in a shooting early yesterday near Lin wood they said it was a confrontation between two drivers on six one hundred sixty fourth street it ended up in the parking lot of a Fred Meyer store and a forty six year old man was standing outside his car when he was shot several times he's in critical condition detectives are looking for a man and a woman who were seen speeding away in a silver BMW sedan a man was run over by a van in downtown Seattle last night it happened at third and university right near Benaroya hall two vehicles crashed and sent the van careening right at the man he was quickly freed by firefighters suffered just minor injuries neither driver was hurt and they stayed at the scene to cooperate there was a power outage along interstate five yesterday in the Lakewood area of minutes being blamed on a crash caused by a suspected drunk driver troopers say two drivers were heading southbound when they collided one of the vehicles and then up over a barrier into the northbound lanes troopers say one of the drivers was arrested for being under the influence of the other driver suffered a broken nose seven fourteen time to get back here in Jordan for a triple a traffic update well we're having problems in the South Park area we have a crash that's blocking all traffic on these marginal at sixteenth in sixteen now seeing a half mile back up to ease marginal because everybody's forced to use an alternate route northbound ninety nine is crawling for about two miles as you're approaching the First Avenue south bridge and that's the only blocking problem that I have reported right now north and I fight continues to tap the brakes as you're traveling between highway sixteen and River Road after that our drive from better way to Seattle it's taking thirty seven minutes Lin wood to Seattle is now at thirty minutes south them for five is going to be heavy out of can you parked state route five to to you in our things and scattered slowing in Kirkland north bound for a five is dragging along for the valley freeway to about northeast forty four it looks like a lot of our slowdowns on east found five twelve actually cleared out northbound one six seven that's going to be slow and go as your work your way through some it'll become a heavier drive between fifteen street northwest and two seventy seven our next call much traffic out seven twenty four awful sunny Friday to hide your sixty five for today enjoy the clouds gonna roll in overnight so low forty two and will stay mostly cloudy for tomorrow dry.

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