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Agnes Moorehead Moorhead's emotional performance as the terrorized invalid earned her the title of the First Lady of suspense on today's program also written by Lucille Fletcher we present the diarrhea Sophronia winters young Sinfonia merry's Hiram after short courtship and her new husband promptly imprisons her in a deserted one hundred twenty five room hotel in the main work. Joseph Kern says the man in black Agnes Moorehead as Sophronia and ray Collins as Hiram it's the diary of Sophronia winters on this additional yester year. Roni windows starring Agnes Moorehead and ray calling. this is the man in black the role maligned company of Fresno California tonight from Hollywood bring you back this morning and Mister ray calling. Mister Collins will appear in the study in. written especially for them and also spend by the distinguished radio play right Lucille Fletcher but.

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