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Presentation of this station and Fisher house foundation. I've been writing Harleys since one thousand nine hundred eighty two was just after my seventy ninth birthday, my wife, and I were. I'm going to be eighty years old. In another year. And I'm a pretty good do something really ride. I want to do it. For charity discussion went on. Up because you see signs you see signs on the rose. You see veterans are coming in this country and lately with what's going on. And they're even bigger thought about veterans research. A lot of charities fisherhouse. So highly rated and what they do is so important the idea that housing facilities, VA, hospitals, military bases. So that people families of veterans can stay with them while they're going through these expensive treatments. A man or woman who's in the army service. It's been overseas at harm's way separated from their families through a year long. And they get busted up seriously busted up then they come back, and they have to go through serious one. Three. And treatment and without fisherhouse multi people who are modest means would have no way of being with their families during this time of need. And it's so unfair. To have somebody separated from their families in harm's way, come back and be separated.

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