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Over. I think it was pretty influenced by Office. Space the movie. John and I had existential dilemma in crisis at the age of twenty two. I was like this is what people do every day. You type of keyboard do some stupid shit and you make some phone calls you get yelled at and you got your desk and you go home. You're so tired and you pray to God. You don't have to go to work the next day. It's like this the horrible existence in college. I learned about this thing called negative. Which is what the early Catholic theologians would think about and meditate on to get closer to what God is because you can't know what God is because he's ineffable omniscient but if you say God's not this microphone God's Not Computer God's not this Cup of water if you did that all the time you get a little bit closer. That's a pretty easy logic that I would have liked to my life so I'm going to start to do all these things that I'm not supposed to do almost like George Costanza and it's going to give me a little bit closer to maybe what I WANNA do the for a year or so. I did all kinds of job everything that I thought I could try to do for like two or three days and then I quit and I was like you know what I think. Cooking is for me but I don't know I know that working in this desk is not for me to French. Colonies to and we're you immediately. Great in cooking school like are there prodigies. There are people that are more gifted at cooking another like any other field. I would say I've met a couple of people that are real geniuses in cooking. But they didn't go to cooking school. But for the most part you have to become great and some people have higher altitude being great and that might be how you move into kitchen your knife skills your precision and all of these things but for the most part when I started cooking. I was one of the students anyone's ever seen okay. I'm fucking spouse. I only know one way of getting anything done. And that's throwing everything I have to a problem. That doesn't always work so well with a partner right and truth be told my first partner level ones. So they're six levels in Brooklyn School. She refused to be my partner on level two. So she told the the chefs. If I have to be David Partner I'M GONNA quit school and they suddenly David's partner so she quit school rugby. My whole wow. That's a strong vote of. Yeah just to give you an idea of what what a mess. I was as a human like I really was just fucking mass. And so what was the turning point? You went to work for craft at some point in the middle of this. Yeah I mean that's another thing. I just started work for John. George Osborne cooking school and I just started pouring myself into the profession and I was like. I'm just GONNA do everything. I'm GonNa do everything I never used to do. I'm GonNa pour myself into this study and just became infatuated with all aspects of cooking and like a year later in the day off. 'cause I was answering phones at craft before it opened up on my two days off from working at Mercer Kitchen I was like this. Is The restaurant that I wanna be at and maybe I like this because it's not that I love it. I can't imagine doing anything else right now. I just poured myself into it and craft was like winning the Lotto for me because the team there was that Thompson assembled was like broiled class and they wouldn't even accept me as free labor. They were like you know what we don't need you. Thanks Brian very much. You you suck and You know we need a reservation so I was like you know what I just sense. The greatness there so I would do whatever I needed to do to get my feet indoor. If I have to answer phones I'll do that. I did that for few months while still finishing up cooking school until I could actually work for free. Yeah that's how it all happen. So many people took me under their wings and I learned so much.

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