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They have just called another statewide race in Virginia. Let's take you live to the election Desk and w T. O P s Nick Pinelli Dmitry This is one of those three big statewide races we are watching. It's the attorney general's race. This time. The Associated Press is projecting that Mark Herring has won the Democratic primary, defeating his opponent, delegate, J. Jones. Herring, has been the attorney general in Virginia since 2014 seeking a third term. Now he'll be going on. Two November two Face Republican Jason Me rs again in the attorney general's race. The Associated Press is projecting that Mark Herring has won the Democratic primary tonight Live at the election desk Nick in L, A W T O P News and along with Mark Herring as attorney general of the nominee for the Democrats being projected. We also have the projection earlier of Terry McAuliffe, whose already held the Office of Virginia governor winning that again in the Democratic primary to take on Glenn Yunque in in the fall. He is the Republican candidate will bring In Larry Sabato tonight, he's director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia and Larry, We do just have two of the three races called tonight Your thoughts on state that you've watched go from red to purple to blue but also not necessarily as diverse a set of candidates as one might have expected this year. Well, I don't know who was expecting to be the plate to be diverse or not diverse. I'll stick to the facts and the facts are that this was a very good night for Former governor Terry McAuliffe. He won big Republicans were hoping that he would get under 50 some well under 50% of the vote. And, of course, he's over 60%. He's off to a very good start. And the Democrats also, uh, had to relatively handy victories for lieutenant governor and attorney general. I know you haven't called one, but other people have and so it looks like a pretty solid ticket. For the Democrats, and it looks like a very good start for them. So you're saying Holla Yeah. Ally is being called by other news organizations for the lieutenant governor, position or nomination. That is correct. Yeah, So I what I was getting at, And I certainly didn't mean to deviate from the facts as you may have alluded to is just the big changes that we've seen in Virginia over the decades. But some are looking at McAuliffe as someone who's held the job before. Um And maybe it was time for some fresh blood. But as you say he is perhaps grabbing the template from Joe Biden are new or relatively new US President. Would you agree that he has diverse people surrounding him? And and that The way he's proceeding as the so called safe choice. I think that's very true. He is kind of the Biden of this race and that he wasn't safe choice. And I think Democrats were looking at the person that Republicans nominated in Glen Young can realizing that he has almost unlimited resources. There is own resources. But those are the easiest to raise. You have a lunch with your accountant and write a check. So they're concerned about the fact that the Republican can spend unlimited sums. They're concerned about the fact that he projects a pretty good image. Uh, they're hoping to get into issues where obviously he's more conservative than Virginians have at least been voting in the past few years. So you know, I would say McAuliffe was a safe choice. That's not to criticize any of the other candidates in the field of something. Some of them would have made good nominees, though they would have had a problem with fundraising. Let's be honest. Call. It will probably not be able to keep up with young taken in on the spending front. But he can do better than some of the other candidates in the Democratic field in the last seconds that that we have them because of that huge money that that big campaign chest does that give young kids a chance to win. It gives him a chance to wedding to have a chance anyway. Virginia is not completely one party. It's not solidly blue. I think it's bluish purple. It's becoming bluer over time, and we've seen that. There's a reason why Republicans haven't won any election statewide since 2009. It's good to catch up with you. Thank you very much. I enjoyed it. Take care. Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, joining US Live tonight Sports at 15 and 45 brought to you by your local Honda dealer. Don't settle for less than 100 45. We're right back to Dave Preston Nationals in Tampa Bay are tied at one in the fifth inning. Dimitri Trade Turner knots things up with an R B. I single in the third, Manuel Margo's leadoff home reporting the race on the board to start the night. Orioles lead the New York Mets for to end The fourth inning. Pat like is two for two with three R B I on the night for the birds. NFL Day one of Washington's many campus in the books coach Ron Rivera, happy to be heading to Richmond for five days of training camp next month. We owed it to Jerusalem to get back down there and re engage with our fan base, and that's important that they know that they're important to us. You know, we still have some covid issues that we still got to be aware of. W. T. O. P s George Wallace was in Ashburn earlier. See the sights and hear the sounds on Twitter at G. Wallace. W T o p W NBA Mystics lead Minnesota 68 53 in the third quarter to two. Charles, sending 27 points with eight rebounds. NBA Denver Center Nicola Yokich takes MVP honors. The 26 year old averaged 26 points with 11 rebounds this past season for the Nuggets. Scoring update The Orioles now lead the New York Mets 52 in the fourth inning. Dave Preston w T o p Sports All right, Dave still ahead here on w T O P. Some of.

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