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Record hot days find my forecast anytime on the WSP radio app. also the monitor up there and a camera which is one of the boring twenty four hours there's networks then a pundit on and his name was Jeff. but it was spelled G. O. F. F. G. off and I realize that when I see guys named Jeff if they spell it G. E. O. F. F.. I automatically think that they're smarter than guys named Jeff to dispel J. E. F. F. I can't be right right I mean I'll usually in the first of all your your parents to decide how your your name is spelled what's gonna be like but I just I realize it's a prejudice that I have to live up to that name that billing yeah we got a G. E. O. F. F. you need to be able to speak on many things if you're just a TF you know it's spelled the way it sounds. little speck of. his brother George to wage stones. mind you euro yes Jessica upper crust like she Geoffrey Chaucer yes exactly the first author right in Geoffrey rush the actual. a good company you have another story can squeeze in here Mickey is little outrage with you Mickey Mickey Mickey road in our secret super secret two plus two equals four Facebook page yeah nobody knows about yeah any said Eric should make you you could be a guy or a girl are you sure that as to why I'm assuming it's a guy you know my my father was married twice to women name Mickey actually it's the same woman. so long story go ahead decided to next lab there are three laps yeah I guess use the there was an old but he went back and said the hell with you dad married her again. then my when I was growing up I noticed that my dad had a tattoo that said Donna was in the middle of a heart with the arrow through it and that freaked me out because my mom's name was Bonnie but you know it's a it's a twisted world. growing up past maybe or maybe your mom she's a legally no no now she was she was not Donna Donna came before Mickey and Bonnie Mickey was twice between Donna was is G. love that's right first one all right we got so Mickey says the Nikki who I'm sorry go ahead what is that music I guess we're not going to get through the city says Erickson Walker a walk in the pool resistance walking so.

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