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Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Mississippi, Rick Scott discussed on Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson


I don't know how you can be over elections and be in an election at the same time. But but whatever governor Rick Scott had a chance to get her out. Where he was when he was governor, and he left her in even after the progressive accused her of stealing the election for Debbie Wasserman Schultz in primary so wasn't at you. So yeah. But we gotta go 'cause we overtalked our, Tom. Hip. Hop is not bad Kiei agree with us less. Love him today. And so he wraps tomorrow. And you turn your back because if you off when the funding a moment is over then you are in fact, making token, he is accused of big so please don't do that. Don't go there corner. Saturday three pm east on Sirius XM. One twenty five now, let's get back to the swagger. Did she say that here again is Sonny Johnson? Welcome back to dish. She say that Breitbart news podcast. I am sunny. That is funny. What else began? Let's see. That's that's that's awesome news. I'm having some fun with this one day. I am too. So about the election. I thought I was finished with I was convinced. I was finished with all of the election nonsense couldn't possibly be any more. Then it's more this morning. Sunny tells me. This video missiles of Mississippi Senator where she was involved in runoff going on later in the month where she made a joke about a public hanging. Yeah jokes. She said that she supported the supporter so much that I would show up to anything of his even a lynching right in the front row. Now, you can play this video and parse words or do like the governor did say that he knows her heart. She meant no harm of. I'm just glad that's not a job of mine, and no one never won out will accept. I will never accept job of voluntarily went there. And I'm pretty sure consequence to joking about lynching while running for office. And I think that's all on that. What what what did you think about this? I was actually checking it out, right? And. You know, what I think about this? And you know, what I think about this woman. But like I said we stick with ideas as data people, and I don't defend Republicans. But that also means I don't have to attack them. So. This is what I'm gonna do. Instead, this is how I'm going to to swing this Mississippi State what his lady is from. It has one of the highest poverty rates in the state as one of the highest death mortality rates in the state. I'm in the country. Sorry, it has one of the highest death child mortality rates in the entire country has one of the highest poverty rates in entire country. It has one of the worst educational systems in the entire country. It has one of the highest unemployment in the entire country. At at Phalsbourg and it lacks and so many standard in in so many categories where Republicans are supposed to be dominant that it makes me acts. How does this happen in a completely Republican control state? Now, there's a few assets to that like being that you live below poverty. Doesn't mean you live in poverty when you live in a state like Mississippi where cost of living is solo. So if you have you have if you are passed down property, you know, what I'm saying as a means that you always have a place to live a lot of people live off the land. So they grow their own food. They hunt. They you know, what I'm saying. They do Hammy down they soda on shit. So like in ways their poverty as not the poverty that you look at and say progressive urban area. It's a different kind of poverty. Yes. Completely all of that is true by auto realize it and quoting stance. Yeah. Exactly. Because all the time then care about context is actually just about proving their point. But still yet and still it is one of the most segregated states and the entire country and has. A one of the highest incarceration rates and the entire country..

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Mississippi, Rick Scott discussed on Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson

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