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Tv experience is a little unique. I think um so. I joined he back in twenty sixteen At the time. I was living in argentina and I was really looking for a way to improve. That was affordable so i've played poker for Over fifteen years. But i paid recreationally for a very long time with my friends for a long time. I would occasionally go to the casino. And i'd say on the long run. Maybe even by the time i was. You know five or six years and this is this is way pre black friday but I ended up not really taking it very seriously until i moved to argentina and that was around mid twenty sixteen And when i moved there. I was looking for a trading site. That was affordable for me At the time i was very active on twitch and turns watching people watching twitch streamers One of the first i ever watched was dylan. Horton shot up to dylan. The poker devil Who now Leave doesn't mean that much anymore. But i used to watch a lotta twitch streams and i believe i heard of p. from A twitch stream. It might have been killing birds. I don't know if he was screaming at that point But yes so. I i heard of turn poker edge from a twitch stream and i signed up and from that point on i just kind of took off. It was where. I was introduced to a bunch of people Andrew rocus obviously Mark auto Big dog is calling and all of them. I started watching all the video. That was huge fan. I thought to myself. Hey for twenty five bucks a month. I'm not hang on as well. Watch as many videos as i can And so. I started doing that. And listening to the The thinking poker podcast started listening to the old. Qb test and really work on my game at that point in my life that year. I actually won a seat on poker stars to the latin american poker tour in uruguay And so that was kind of a really big. You'll from because it'd be the first big lack tournament. I played and i never really had much success in online poker book where that point So that was a really really cool for me. What was the by in for that ep. T- oven so it was a latin american poker tournaments. Oh there's an la pt. Event of is in uruguay and quinta. Del este i at the enjoy. Conrad hotel and casino which is a a very very nice Casino down there on the coast in uruguay and At the time i mean i was living in argentina because The girl i was dating my wife she was living in urging tina and at a turns out her family..

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