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Had a ninety eight seven thirteen thirty K. N. as a good morning thank you but we're eight thirty this morning here on a Thursday and eighty degrees dozens of Democrats joined house Republicans to set aside articles of impeachment for president trump at least for now house Democrats split one hundred and thirty seven ten ninety five on setting aside a resolution from Texas Democrat Al Green to impeach president trump the president has been above the law from ninety one days since the molar report was presented house speaker Nancy Pelosi credited her colleagues intentions but advocates a different path we have six committees are working one of the following the fax in terms of any abuse of power the house did vote this week to condemn language used by the president directed it for minority Congress women on Capitol Hill Jr Halpern fox news a jeep slammed into an apartment building in west Wichita near central and ridge police officer Charlie Davidson says this happened early Wednesday in the sixty seven hundred block of west shade when officers arrived they observe the jeep and side of one of the apartments and it smelled a strong odor of natural gas adult female with her juvenile daughter were inside the apartment but fortunately were not injured which top part upon responded in assisted with the gas leak and evacuation of the apartment complex building city officials are evaluating the structural damage to the building driver the jeep a thirty two year old man arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol battery of a law enforcement officer obstruction and inattentive driving today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the accident involving of late senator Ted Kennedy that left a young woman dead in Massachusetts it's usually simply referred to as Chappaquiddick shorthand for the event that happened that evening five decades ago that's when senator Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile veered off a narrow bridge on Chappaquiddick island near Martha's vineyard plunging into the water Kennedy who was thirty seven at the time escaped the submerged car but his passenger twenty eight year old Mary Jo compact me did not he waited ten hours to report the accident to police and would later plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident Kennedy continued to serve as a US senator of Massachusetts until his death in two thousand nine Tonya J. powers fox news a trip to the beach ends with an arrest of Florida father is facing child abuse charges for the way he allegedly tried to teach his son how to swim John Bloodworth is accused of throwing the five year old into the ocean at Daytona beach then as the boys struggled police say Bloodworth did back flips off appear beach goer NAIT pool watched in horror on Monday.

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