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She just knows where to be, and she's calm in those big moments to put away. So right now, she is, as full Noah put droppable, and I think that's a really good adjective for. So we just did a segment for ESPN FC and. We talk about this a little bit differently there than maybe we do here. We're not as I would say. So, you know, we're not as. We're not as in the weeds, one of the things that we talked about though, there was. All right. So we know England gets a winner France US and everybody saying the winner of France. US is the favorite to go on from here on out. So clearly people see a difference between England and France and the US. What does that difference as best you can explain it, Lisa? The England was a bit sloppy until their goals with some other passes, and you saw that they're trying to figure out how to provide cover for their back line, but we saw that, that back line can get pulled apart a little bit. And they also sometimes just are careless and it doesn't happen. It doesn't happen a ton. But it happens enough this tournament that we've seen against Cameroon. We saw it. They were aided through an offside by somebody's honestly, the bottom of their cleaton, the Cameroonian forward that was that triggered some of the protests in the just kind of escalated that game to what it became and today, we saw and head Norway been more clinical. I mean, I think the shots on target. So the shots on Tara. Guit for Norway was seven and the Charleston tiger for England were nine. So if that gives you any idea like Norway was in this, but they just could not put anything in it to off target. So they just couldn't put anything of real danger. And the one time they do Milly bright plays, a backpass to slow and, again, not understanding the speed of those around. Her was, too. Slow backs. Karen Bardsley has to come up with stuck in that no-man's-land and Oatlands. The substitute comes in races on should've gone down, because she partly does get her leg. I thought you could have had partly out for a semi-final there. Yeah. That was a moment where like that could have changed everything for the rest of the tournament for England even though the matches already decided. Yeah. And give credit to outland for not going down. Right. Because she she wasn't tripped up here now so that you should go down. I think professional person of pressure player in that moment. Like, if that, you know, I think sometimes you'll see that as a player gets older, they know how to use the system to their advantage. But as a defender, and someone who knows that I don't think barley was partly, it was trying to take her out. Bardsley isn't typically. Type of keeper in she's a California native family member is English as she plays for England and she's had a good tournament, but she gets caught out, and I don't really think that's her fault..

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