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Support for this npr podcast in the following message come from red bull radio at any given moment red bull radio might be playing the latest dancehall out of kingston techno from berlin underground hiphop or old soul gems you'll know what you were looking for when you hear it listen at red bull radiocom you're listening to the world cafe i'm talia slanger today priscilla presley shares what it was like to spend christmas with elvis oh ho kouris mode priscilla gives us a glimpse inside graceland during the holidays the presley's were surrounded by music food an elvis his friends who would help priscilla decorate the tree i would let alvis than a couple of other guys but the tinfoil that with little icicles that were coming down i would give it tell us to put on the trail but he liberal it up and put it in a snowballing throw them at the trees and i just remember getting so mad because it messed up the look of a tree for sella was married to elvis they also had a daughter together lisa marie presley and priscilla will trace some of the christmas as they spent together including the first gift they ever exchanged how things changed when they had a child and how she feels about hearing elvis's music now brazil is the executive producer of new album called christmas with elvis in the royal philharmonic orchestra where regional recordings from elvis his two albums 1950 sevens elvis christmas album and 1971 elvis sings the wonderful world of christmas have been embellished by the royal philharmonic orchestra let's listen to how that sounds on elvis's classic blue christmas.

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