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And i kind of know what you're going to be the best but you think english fans really the way the papers you think they want happiness you know it also reassuring to have t do badly the old old times i think this is the difference between mindlessness in your business. Rush i don't think i think english people want to see that teams do well. You know this isn't england. We grew up in. We've had tremendous amounts of sporting success of lost. You know twenty five years. We just had an englishman of the champions league. We win buckets and buckets of medals at olympic games. We have world class athletes in almost every sport. so I think england want the team to very well yes. i think. We're gonna learn a lot more about this than team you know by next tuesday. Yeah may i will say it's one of the themes of my book which comes our week today. A week on. Tuesday is how english people when we grew up really did for others failure and pulling school not done never even success and i genuinely. Yeah you're right. I think. I mean the the amount of jewelry in this time of challenge could be created by a positive judd. No even though even going deep just a joyful dump three tasks gossen locatelli esque performance in england. Show we'll that could be for that nation right now. The people really really deserve it token about the people deserve it. They scotland croatia. Let's dive yeah. Croatia three scotland one. Will i think it was three To get another screen at some point looked like it might be eleven to the bananas in pajamas. Scotland's violent delights me a violent end as a second half sold them exit the tournament. Nikola flaccid opened the scoring on the seventeenth. Minute afteh ivan. Parasitic knocked down eight duranovic cross in the box. But the scots refused to go down without a fight equalized just before halftime to callum. Could i got picked loose ball on the edge of the box. Slotted home that. I and lost goal of the euro's luca rich turned up in the second half rifling one home from distance on sixteen. Wait a minute. And then he floats. And then turning provide over the cross into serial score even peres switches head croatia. Leapfrog the checks into second place in the knockout stages of the tournament. may man. I will say this some beautiful questions lewd in up into the question slot that daniel left created at the bottom of this spot by green room. I love the alexander luther Waited dig teeth into that. But scotland so much going into one off that mighty zero zero giora gates england. The ballots will be written. Unsung for generations was replaced going into this by the fear of history. Repeating itself glory within touching distance and by glory. I mean finally being able to get out of the group stage. A win against croatia by a single goal would've allowed scotland to winter rare reform the knockout stages of a major told him for the first time. Ever in the nation's history peak scotland david. Giving in to have pulled. Billy gilmour reveal himself as the prince who has promised one day and then home extensively out with the ten days with koga the truth darkness peak scottish notice and they were facing croatia who were world cup fine less but were also fined for the lives in this one and i will say scotland credited the toured croatia from the office watching eleven groundskeeper willie's and during a ball fight but parole at passion for positively. He was clearly doors. Croatia had the clause mal drainage playing very high pulling scottish defense with him with late runs into the box. Scotland playing sandwich more reactively than they did against england and on seventeen minutes that evoke the most basic of goals a bullet karadzic's not that it's a blessing to my god. The catastrophe waitress but then our old friend irving welsh each tweeted. Croatia have a slightly disbelieving. Look on that point lead. They finally realized. Just how shite scotland. Perhaps they'll feel sorry for us. Take a little pity. And they've been a minute. What scotland given day. They only went an equalized with the big boy. Shot from the edge of the box cullens first year ago since nineteen ninety-six kim. My belly kellen mcgregor. Oh well time. For first choice goal robot cross to adams be declared straight to mcgregor on the edge of the box ticket leg and true and hard with is wrong. Gains run apply to michael. Scotland davis scored their first goal of the tournament. Croatia don't like it. Was david the biggest thing to happen. The scottish football century when roy hips was at hearts. Yeah i don't know. I think craig burley being espn studios a pretty big deal. It's a big thing for the wool. Dave craig barely. It is barely lollapalooza. But i actually tweeted the best thing. I scotland. Sins belle and sebastian. At the very time. Gop stuart murdoch lead cigarette balance about the said. Scotland's are schooled. And i think of seinfeld. George saying won't hope hope is killing me. My dream is to become hopeless because when hopeless you care. I mean i'll just say stuart murdoch knows what he's talking about because sixty second minute my little that go from the witch. Dave moderate just just stunning stunning football. Yeah he's still gonna rumors of his demise have been great nick saturated and actually i have a sense. That croatia's deals has been greatly. I think there's still a very good football team and yet what a finish while ago. Wanna play a maybe a witch but still gonna love him and the foot we should say but will say it's incredibly hard. Lots of human beings can shoot with the outside the phone. Not very many chew with stunning power and that go will make it into every.

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