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Radio eight forty WFAN. And the cats win it overall today eighty two to eighty wildcat wrap-up continues. Tigers got the first basket of the game today to take to nothing lead. But then Higgins found Travis to even things that Hagen strikes down the middle of the floor goes down the lane jumped stop trying to get it to Travis expanded away Higgins gets it back. The crevices deflected hagan's gets it back. Again, bounces over to Travis gathers himself goes up. Macklemore? Strong finish. For re Travis Travis with the bucket to make it two two. He also made the free throw to give Kentucky a three to two lead. Cats were up six to four when Tyler hero got one of his four assists. Again, re Travis on the receiving end heroes used up his dribble. Washington comes out to get hands. It back hero. Seconds to shoot hero gets into the lane wraparound feed Travis ducks it just ahead of the shot clock buzzer. Eight to four Kentucky the cats were up sixteen fifteen a bit later time for Kentucky utilities power play of the game. Again. It was re Travis with the offensive board work aero curls into the lane. Scoops it up the right hand runner bounces off bottle by read Travis Travis was seventeen points in the ball game today. Six of seven shooting from the field that put Kentucky up eighteen to fifteen Tigers came back later to even things up. It was twenty-seven all when Kelvin Johnson had a big bounce back game with twenty points today. Put the cats in front.

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