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Ooh what he tries hey how'd it was the beating of this work to do some hollywood speaking today with makeup artist daniel chinchilla at beauty by chinchilla and he is in town flown in from hollywood or new york to do a libya coal pies make up an unusual wall and liam michelle so high daniel picture being on and we've seen you on other shows in your corresponded with easy and lab law a fan of can't contouring any we regard right into it when you are you are i know i've never contoured anything on my faith i've got dirt by knows i i like tori rear use that for a really i mean it completely change your face structure are you can like your cheekbones out or you can make your nose slimmer so there's i mean it definitely house but there is it can go very wrong we've seen like you're used bbc people would strike bean what that the trick to countering is to really blamed well i know it's kind of hard because you need to you need to obviously accentuate and do what you have to do but you also have the blended out as the heart by like if you do this that knows you have to really blame the side is looking at nine yeah i can planned so daniel so here you are in the it you know in the frozen north during the makeup is there any tricks that we should know about doing makeup and to go outdoors and cold weather while by thing with cold weather is the skin gets really dehydrated so i always they stay away from way powders any that's heavy of golkar up our nation that's more hydrating era like a lot more.

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