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Right right so we thought we would investigate these things taking into account starvation dynamics so individuals follow a growth trajectory and over the course of their lifetimes and so there's a time scales associated with adding biomass onto your body and losing biomass when you start and because these control indirectly the reproduction and mortality of individuals than populations because they determine the speed at which the vigils switched between starved and full states in our model we could incorporate these time skills in when we did that we were able to reconstruct damase law essentially only by considering the time skills which organism switch between these two bins based on how quickly they can gain and lose body fat and the other observation that we were able to make that we didn't really ticipant was that we were able to essentially provide a mechanism for cope's rule the way that we did that was by looking at the competitive advantage of similarly sized populations of competitors so if you imagine two populations of editors each trying to go forward single resource they're not interbreeding but we could imagine that they're closely related evolutionary if one competitor has a little bit more fat on its body in one competitor has little bit less we can ask the question is does that header that has a little bit more bat have a competitive advantage if it does then we would say that there might be a trend for his larger body size by being able to carry more fat on your body and according to a model that's true up to a certain point and then it becomes better to be.

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