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You have all the way in the west side yum way out like ballads, like north north unlike far for are you live on Bob Dylan's property. I do I do I. Doesn't he own most Malibu? That's what my understanding though. Those are the old days. I'll really those deal days. I heard he still owns most of it could happen to him. He's out there. Living the life that he's he's designed for him so kids life now, he's got plenty of kids. Okay. He's got. I think at least one wife if not to I think he's just decided that I think it's conscious that I'm going to die in a hotel room outside state fairgrounds where I would love that would you? That's my dream. The gets back to the circus. Well, I I think you're version of it would be a room in Vegas would be which everyone knows them going to die in Vegas somewhere. You have died in Vegas. Twenty say that, but I can't be that hack. Mark. You set me up. I took it. There you go. So Malibu, though, is that you grew up in. This you grew up here. I grew up in San Fernando Valley Manege of. Yeah. So now always like growing up always like that. That was his dream right over the tunnel and over the canyon and not the tunnel through it while he's been a little time in New York too. I guess exactly. New york. My dad was in the Bronx. Right. First time. I went to New York, and I never really dug to California into the vibe. No, if you're if you're sort of genetically east coast, and it's your parents are first generation one of them, you're going to it's going to Zorg into you because you have family back there. Right. So when you're a kid you'd go see the the Jewish. They all came out. They all came out here. I did family left the Pennsylvania, but everyone's pretty much gone my family's pretty much. But when you're kidding relatives New Yorker, well, it was no they were in Pennsylvania. And they would always they always wanted to come east where in Pennsylvania, pound Downingtown, Pennsylvania with that the Amish ninety minutes out of Philly. So the Jews they thought the Amish looked for million. They liked to hats in the free Derry. Yeah, they were they were there a lot but the horse carts. They seem to smack in the. What is with the knife? You got the knife in the incense. Now, you're running one extreme to the other. You got to you got embrace all sides yourself. And it's all right here. The broken hammer which implies not great with tools dice, which are large and silly. Because I'm not a gambler the knife. In case, you know, a guest wants to hurt me shirt. The crystal ball, these are all Chachis. So. The stuff they may all have. Meaning they've been on. They were on the original. I just accumulated a lot of stuff over the years doing the show and this is the new garage, and it's not as quartered as the old one. And it's not as put together because I still have to do some work in here. Sure. But the other one was kind of like massively cluttered by Ken probably must a little mold the other mold yet. Right. I real spiderweb e musty gosh. The old one was you've never gambled. Why I have other problems like what I've been sober for nineteen years. So I one oh, congratulations. The alcohol the pot. But again, I I'm just you know, I never understood the rush of it. Now, I understand that. Usually you didn't like when you got clean and replace it with something else. You didn't feel you to well right now, I'm back on nicotine lozenges, which I'm doing, you know, sex was important for while as to diminishing a bit not because like I'm just the I'm with somebody and as white disappoint to people. Well, but, you know, problem with the with the one layer, not really, no, I just I I'm onto myself in the way that like I'm with the person, you know, I don't need other people. But there was a period where I needed as many people as possible during your addiction when it was was more during the divorce, Brad. We'll keep being married makes you need other people. Yeah..

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