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Mynorthwest dot com. President Donald Trump's pick to permanently replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general is William bar, both bar acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker have been critical of the Russia investigation. Julia Manchester is a reporter for the hill. She says that this is something that will be looked out come January during the confirmation process with the report issued by Muller. We're gonna see a lot of resistance to any move by the president to try create more skepticism about the Justice department about the intelligence community from Trump administration officials in local news, we've just received word that the Seattle police have arrested a man who robbed a Fremont business at gunpoint earlier today and stole tried to steal multiple vehicles. Police say the suspect fled the business earlier today and tried to carjack at least three vehicles before he was arrested at the intersection of north thirty ninth and bridge way north police are currently interviewing the suspect will have more details as. As they come in a man who worked at an IT worked in IT at Seattle law firm has been sentenced to thirty months, cyber stalking and terrorizing his coworkers. Allison Grandy reports that Joel Krzyzewski admitted he used his IT background to ruin the lives of his co workers and friends in US district court attorneys said he threatened stocked and humiliated four victims for months, they had no idea who was behind it. One victim was friends because Inskeep attorneys say he went to extreme lengths to embarrass and undermine him and created fake dating profiles on Craigslist indicating he was looking for sex with underage boys. The victim lost his job had to step away from volunteer work and eventually left. Seattle in Seattle. Allison grandy. Kiro seven news, you will begin to sentence in January, and he is ordered to pay more than thirty seven thousand dollars in restitution and governor jeans lease political action committee has raised more than one hundred thousand dollars in donations as rumors swirl about a potential presidential. Run. The Seattle times reports that donations come from longtime environmental donors as well as the general counsel for Amazon and travel guru, Rick steves Inslee has said that he's actively considering a White House bid seeing it as a way to highlight his environmental agenda time now for your.

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