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Live for coming up right here from studio. And you're a little different than that was. That's a great room, by the way. That's a big loud raucous music room right there at the Brown house, but this is going to be an intimate presentation of huge rockiness 'cause you got Rosie in the rivers, and if you ever get an opportunity them, they are so fun. It's sexy. There is sexy bay. Fun to listen just fish, really good, really, really good performers cleaner sickly. Yep. All right. Mr Richard Roeper was yesterday telling us about a couple of films wanna just kinda go back some stars. Yeah. We talked about Susan, which is Zachary Levi in the live version of the story of the fourteen year old kid, who becomes a superhero. Basically big meet superman, and we love that three and a half stars. And it gets a lot of fun. You know, PG PG thirteen actually so it's a little dark places. But that's also got that cool. Double layer thing. So mom and dad or whoever is taking the kids will enjoy it. No species thirteen nothing. Ten year old eight year old this point in time. No, no, no, no, nothing. No innuendo or any of that. So we love Shas AM, and then pet cemetery which is the second major film adaptation of the great Stephen King novel, which I believe might just not be suited for at of tation because the larger themes in the book it lost did not like it at all to stores to stars for that. And I'll say this to pet cemetery obviously is already, but it is really grisly grotesque and disturbing. For the kids at all. I don't think for most adults, even but you know, I know some people love I love horror myself, but I like horror that's thoughtful and interesting provocative, and yeah can still be bloody. You know, we look Halloween films. Like that are a lot of fun. I found this one especially because it involves children and pets to be explained and sadistic, quite frankly can't have that. So. A great morning team. Did not last that long sadistic. I believe they team. Okay. I've got a ton of other movies come on this movie. They're always want to talk about movies. They're advertising on television. So this is the best of enemies. Yeah. And Sam Rockwell wins an Oscar every hour on true, whether you like it or not, and Dr Hanson, she has the cast pillow cast member of empire with Jesse Malek. Yeah. But she's an honorary Chicago by now after five years and more coming with empire them, we love tragedy. Let me take the background story really fast. Best of enemies, because it's one of those words based on a true story that makes you want to read more about the two straight nineteen seventy-one Durham, North Carolina. There was a case in front of the court about desegregation of schools because guess what? After nineteen fifty four. A lot of local municipalities were like that's good for you. But we'll we'll keep things as they are. So this was all about whether or not after school afire the black school with the kids be allowed to attend the white school. So there would be integration. They actually put together. A panel of local residents and on purpose. The chairs of the panel were tragic character and at water who is a longtime civil rights activists African American single mother and Sam Rockwell character who was the head clinical of the Ku Klux Klan had and out out with it. They were not they were not secretive and seventy one North Carolina that was he was a pillar of the community of that community. So Sam Rockwell plays the racist KKK guy tragedy heads and plays the longtime so rights activists. They have to get together and hash this thing out. All based on a true story, an amazing story because in the thirty years after that, these two became very good friends, and actually they'll really reach some understandings and with tore the country talking about, hey, if a African American single mother who got pregnant when she was thirteen and raised all kinds of kids on our own always fighting for the truth Justice and the American way and the head of the KKK could become friends there's hope for this country. That's a great story the movie not so much. I gave it to a half stars. I'm close on it because it is such a great story. But they do it in such a heavy handed way, you know, with the evil against the good. And the other thing I have the problem. I have is the same criticism people had of green book, which is the white guy. Teaching the black guy all about a life. And in the last half of the movie, let's half hour of the movie, the Sam Rockwell character, the KKK guy kind of becomes the hero. When it should be more about at water, the Civil Rights Act. So I thought they they went down the wrong package should be racist. How does this work? Now, she she just sort of everyone sort of marveling his, you know transformation. But it's like he transformed his feelings and his personnel is also at her because of Horace exactly two and a half stars for best of enemies this one Oscar at all even though. I would think so the same record just played this guy in three billboards two years ago, the corrupt racist guy who then has transformation won the Oscar for that. He's great at playing that. But if I were saying Rockwell who could do anything, I would say to my agent, no more southern racist. Thority figures who have a change of heart. All right now about that. So that's not the one to run. But it is kind of film. I think you know, when it comes out on video the next three or three months probably is an enjoyable at work. That's ninety nine on the rent or just wait for Netflix. I'd say it's worth a three ninety nine and they're not the twelve dollars in the babysitter. And all the stuff you have to go on a Friday or Saturday or something. All right. No. And also this weekend. It is. Now escaping me. Well, let's talk real time to talk on a mentioned first of all the public and the full interview that we did with mealy. Visit Ryan I know as vailable right now up and running on the website. So people can Chevy radioplus. Exactly. So you can find out a lot more about that movie. I'll say briefly it's worth checking out three stars. It's a it's a it's a cool social wear story. Sentencing public library has to do with the homeless uprising, but they're people get a lot more information already there and then Jin radio dot com. I'm blowing go there and you can find it's right there. That's all part of the pocket. They were fantastic conversation. The five of us. We been around for five hours time, then they wanna mention very quickly. This is available on CBS streaming which again, just look it up. But I wanna how do I get that? You just go to your Google and type in your CBS eighteen and I think you can do it on your TV. It's the new version of the twilight zone almost positive the first and second episodes are available for free. CBS to right now. It's a streaming product. Yes. And this is Jordan Peele who is as hot as anybody in Hollywood get out and then us, and I love the idea that he's doing a reboot of the classic television series of the twilight zone, not the same episodes. But a lot of modern episodes that are similar to those great episodes, and he's also just being the producer. He's the host. So, you know, if people recall, you get the little setup, and then right there in the courtroom, you'd pan and there'd be rod sterling, nobody this cassia, but we can't and now Jordan Peele in a suit, you know, consider if you will Rokon and.

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