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Jerry Ferrara, Shark Wrangler, Chris Fairbanks discussed on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show


I'm so glad that you could join us today. Kevin is still on a sinement and in the New York area making television for Jewish people. That's my understanding at least that's what I read on the internet, and I miss him. We all miss him. But I'm still here because no one asks me to make television specifically not for Jews. I do that in my spare time that's not what I'm on the clock. But I'm very excited that I'm here because I get to sit down today with a pal with with someone who I can best describe him as a comedian writer director, actor illustrator funny, man, part time caterer and shark Wrangler. Ladies and gentlemen. It's Chris Fairbanks, the lot of people don't know the secret was sharks is to you know, what I divide them. Oh as a Wrangler. I have never actually come in contact with any sharks. This is impressive. Yeah. I see I've never met a shark Wrangler. So we ended happens. Yeah. And it will one day happen. I will know how to wrangle them them. Both multiple sharp day come in schools. They all shoe or if it's if it's just one shark and not really Wrangler. That's a movie thing that sharks travel and single payer's air their impacts doesn't do one hundred. And I would take your word for it. You are a Wrangler. Yeah. Nagato you've gotta get them together and in so I act like a blue heeler, and I just kind of nip at him. Oh or snap at them. So you're in the water guests get under you don't do this above the water. No. That's who does that amateurs amateurs. And again, this is a movie trope where you search for a fin on the surface. Right. Get underwater, and you keep your eyes open. Then you can see this. No one actually thinks about that. I think you're absolutely right. I think all those circa Tech's movies could have been avoided if people just open there is under that dirty water. Just think for a minute don't panic. Stop splashing. Oh, that's the worst that splashing because they're trying to swim. Just keep your body still and sink to the bottom Easter it is the beginning of feel like drowning. Anyway, that's all I have to say. Here's your one day, though. You are going to you're going to wrangle all the right and the gills rate in their excited for Akron. Do you think he wrangled shirks? Oh, I am kind of excited. Yeah. So there's just the MoMA version where he's got kind of Hawaiian style tattoos that are gills. Yeah. But then turns into a chrome fish, man, right. Yeah. Like a colossus. I'd Noah little less about cla man than I do sharks. Even the original story. Okay. I'm gonna pretend to be you. Did you ever watch entourage? You know when I first moved. This is true. What I I moved to Los Angeles. I had Dacian for turtle. Oh and the audition was he was out of work actor at a kids party. And I was actually acting like a clown like kids like that. So I was and I called back, and I was like, oh, this is going to be great. My old manager was happy. I just moved at town is going to be on this HBO show. And then they you know, they hired that manager of glib lids store. The kangol salesman. Jerry Ferrara, Sydney. The actress name a friend of yours. I'm no he's actually the thing is I when people ask me if I'm an actor. I would say the if they don't nobody knows me by name. But if they're wrong, they'll ask if I'm the guy from x y z and x y z are all things that Jerry Ferrara has been in. Really? Yeah. So I'm not placing his other work than either. Because I only know you don't over montage. He's been met show power on. I think it's on stars. Okay. It is how do I say this? I believe they show that appeals to more urban viewers. Sure. No. The the proper way to say it. I don't know. And what I say about Mondays at the improv. So it is is if if I walking around in a person of color vaguely recognizes me more often than not they mistakenly think Jerry for our and you have to kind of race Asli assume that you're thinking of power, no not. Engage beliefs. Yeah. So so yes..

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Jerry Ferrara, Shark Wrangler, Chris Fairbanks discussed on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show

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