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Stimulating talk. And welcome back Jeffrey drought back with us. Let me tell you about Jefferson. You know, who you're listening to a comprehensive science education for many years pursued an academic career? In the natural sciences is intuition works. Well, with his analytical mind for bringing messages from spirit helping recipients interpret what is often deep symbolism. Now, he received a certification from the Morris Pratt institute in medium ship and became an ordained minister through the new thought spiritual center of Palm Springs, his book is called lasting impressions. And here. He is back on coast to coast almost a year ago. Jeff, welcome back. Thank you so much, George. It's great to be back looking forward to this. What was tell me? What's it like being an ordained minister do people ask you, lots of strange questions? I don't I don't I don't even refer to help that much frequently. I I married a couple of friends, but I did it more the of mine I wanted to integrate the. That whole science into consciousness and so forth. So I it's it's nothing that I pursue much more. I I'm an independent agent when it comes to spirituality good for you. Good for you. And what have you more working on in the last year or so this last year I had to tell you last year being on your show? Just was incredible. So many new clients, but I I did a book tour with the lasting impressions. But more and more people were interested in the full progression. Readings I do and past life and karma and so forth. So I've been teaching a at least a dozen workshops on karma. And I'm in the process of writing another book. So this year will be a writing year and help to clarify the whole concept of karma for people because I think it's one of the most it's understood laws, and as we get into carb. Are you also talk about the natural law in there are a number of laws associated. With that. Tell me about natural law so natural law. There's a there's a system of laws universally that all beings and all energy, basically follow. So it doesn't matter who you are. You could be Santa Claus. You could be Hitler. You could be Jesus you could be Buddha. But we all abide by the same laws, and these laws are really important for us to understand because they basically help us. Reconnect with our our higher self in in our ability on our.

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